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November 06, 2019

How Technology is Changing Home Improvement Industry

The home improvement industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the recent few years. Owing to popular renovation shows, more people are undertaking projects than before. We spoke with Wesley Ward, Head of Marketing at Hausera (a kitchen and bath hardware supplier). He told us that based on their 2019 consumer survey, "The top three challenges for kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room renovations in the last two years among respondents were: 1) Staying on budget (41%), 2) Finding the right professionals (39%) and 3) Funding the projects (33%)." However what came as the biggest game-changer in the industry is the introduction of modern technology. There are several landmark changes it has brought to the field.

Renovations are quicker

Owing to the modern inventions such as laser technology and smart devices a home remodeling project now takes way lesser time to be completed than ever before. Modern machines are doing the job in minutes, which would have taken hours or days to be done manually otherwise. A renovation can now be done with much less effort and manpower, making it more affordable, safer and quicker.

Better quality materials

Technology is constantly working to produce lighter, stronger and more durable products. Over the years with newer quality of plastics, carbon fibers, fiber optics, less reactive metals, stronger alloys and more, one can now get top grade materials to use in their home improvement projects. With the mass production of these products, the price of high tech items are even more pocket friendly.

Remote technology for better safety

Remote technology has been a big time game changer in the field of renovation as it has reduced some of the major risks in the business. A lot of risky jobs can be done by machines remotely operated by a human, away from a safe distance, thereby reducing the chances of accidents, damages, injury, costs and delays that come with it. Remote security and monitoring also go a long way in keeping the entire process better protected.

Use of augmented reality

With the use of virtual augmented reality technology, it is now possible to visualize and plan a home improvement project better. One can create a virtual design of the space and try out various styles, products and colors virtually in the given design to create the best fit as the client has visualized. This helps in reducing scopes of error and wastage.

Eco-friendly technology in use

Possibly the best advancement that technology has brought to the field of home improvement is the possibility of including Eco-friendly practices. Owing to light affordable solar panels, LED and a range of greener technology, it is now possible to renovate and build without creating as much waste or harmful impact on the environment. It also helps reduce electricity consumption, making the whole process cheaper as well.

With the help of all the cool tech that we have now, the field of home improvement has definitely undergone a major change to become easier, quicker, smarter and better.

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