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September 25, 2019

The Latest Tech Trends in the Online Casino Industry

The online gambling industry is in continuous expansion and always looking to incorporate new technological innovations to attract players. You can even say that online casino sites overtook land-based casinos since more and more people are enjoying the excitement of the online gambling world.

In this article, we will write about tech innovations which are the reason why online casinos are so popular these days. Scroll down to learn more!

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Mostly associated with video gaming, VR and AR technology has found its way into the casino industry as well. While VR and AR casinos are still in an experimental phase, they are already popular among many players.

VR casinos are just like the real thing. You put your headset on and walk into a virtual environment filled with various slot machines and other games. As far as augmented reality goes, players will be able to have a 360-degree experience and interact with real-life objects and people while playing their favourite games.


The crypto-craze that hit the world a few years ago is still going strong, with many companies entering the digital assets market. For years, even decades, the only way for performing transactions in online casinos was through credit and debit cards or by using direct bank transfers. These methods were fairly slow and usually included transaction fees.

E-wallets proved a better option but they were soon surpassed by cryptocurrency payments. Online operators that incorporate blockchain technology can offer players complete anonymity, high deposit/withdrawal limits, and faster transactions. While it may be full of inconsistencies, blockchain is here to stay, and it’s definitely one of the tech trends to watch in 2020.

Improved Graphics

Online casino games never relied much on graphics. The goal of the games themselves (winning money) was the primary drive. However, slot games have come a long way from being just a few rows of fruits and golden symbols.

Today, software developers are using advanced graphics to make their games more appealing to the younger generation of players. You can even say that casino games of the future will be more like video games than ever before.

Easy Integration

Starting a casino site is easier than ever. You only need a few talented designers and some popular casino games on your website, alongside a proper gambling licence.

Instead of buying expensive slot machines and card game tables, you can now easily install thousands of games on your page within a few days. Software development companies are constantly inventing new solutions, thus making these integration processes smoother and more efficient.

Take this Platinum Play review as an example. This New Zealand casino is said to have over 500 slot games, and you can access them all through your computer or mobile phone.

Predictive Analytics

Using various tools, casinos can now compile huge amounts of data that can tell them a lot about the behaviour of their players.

By implementing so-called predictive analytics, online casinos can more accurately predict what their customers want and tweak and adjust the games and the website to provide them with a better gambling experience.

Players will get personalised recommendations and be notified about new features they might enjoy trying out or bonuses and promotions that relate to their favourite games.


We’ve already mentioned that software developers are trying to improve the graphics on their creations to make them look more like video games.

However, apart from better visuals, some casinos games also include other gaming features that make their games more fun and competitive. That’s why you can see a lot of video slots that have power-ups, leveling-up, leaderboards, tournaments, and other stuff.

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