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September 19, 2019

5 Technology Providers around the World that are Making Life Convenient/Easy

Over the years, humans have advanced in many fields of life, and technology can be considered one of their greatest achievements. We could only imagine enjoying certain provisions a decade ago. Now, we have them on the tips of our fingers.

Technology has the potential to become even better in a few years. For example, consider flip phones. They soon became touch-operated smartphones, and now we already have prototypes for dual-screen smartphones. There are hundreds of similar examples.

It is safe to say that technological advancements have greatly changed our lives. It isn’t about having access to instant information or being able to communicate with people around the world on a whim. In reality, better technological resources help save lives. Examples of this progress can be seen in the provision of better healthcare facilities, sustainable food, and cutting poverty, etc.

Many technology providers are striving to improve the living standards of people everywhere. In the ensuing prose, we discuss five such providers that have made life so much easier.

1. Airbnb

Shortened for Air Bed & Breakfast, Airbnb is an online marketplace that helps people book short-term lodging facilities. The company doesn’t own the real estate options it lists on the website. In fact, it simply acts as a broker between people seeking a homely tourism experience, and those offering them. For each successful booking, it earns a commission.

The founders of Airbnb had the idea of converting personal homes into temporary lodgings. They realised this when they placed an air mattress in their living room and converted it into a bed & breakfast. This not only provided a homelier environment, but it also gave the added benefit of avoiding the high rents in San Francisco.

Today, guests can search from a large number of temporary lodging facilities listed from across the globe on Airbnb.  The Airbnb application also makes it easy to filter through the available features and properties, to make finding a ‘home away from home’ a lot easier.

2. Uber

In simple terms, Uber is a ride-hailing service. It began in San Francisco in 2011 and has reached more than 785 major cities worldwide. The purpose behind the service is its founder’s desire to reduce the cost and hassle usually associated with public transportation.

Uber lets drivers register their own cars with the company and make them available for ride hailing. Passengers can book cars through an app, and choose from multiple categories of cars as per their personal preferences. There is a base fare calculated according to the distance travelled. There are additional costs like waiting times as well. Sometimes, when the demand for cars is high during peak rush hours, there are surge costs as well.

Collectively, an Uber car still costs less than traditional services offering comfortable transportation. Uber Technologies has also introduced peer-to-peer ridesharing, a bicycle sharing system, and food delivery.

Additionally, Uber Advanced Technologies Group (Uber ATG (News - Alert)) is also developing self-driving cars.

3. Zameen

Zameen is a popular real estate web portal in Pakistan. Operating all over the country, the online portal aims to reduce the stress of renting or buying a property. Instead of physically visiting each site to select an appropriate property for themselves, people can simply shortlist their preferred choices through this online portal.

The website offers listings for property agents, developers, and available properties for rent and sale. These provide detailed information on the features each plot, house, or real estate project have to offer.

Recently, the company shifted from a free property listings model to paid advertisements. Nowadays, Zameen offers space for advertisements on its online platforms, along with providing exclusive marketing, and sales services, to property developers interested in earning more revenue.

People can also access the Zameen portal through a mobile version of the website, and smartphone application.

4. is an e-commerce platform in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The company brands itself as the home-grown online marketplace of the Middle East region.

The wonders of online shopping are no secret. People around the world take advantage of the ability to shop from the comfort of their homes. With advancements in the e-commerce sector, the online marketplaces have expanded to offer a wide range of products, and even services.

Noon also offers a wide variety of products. People can buy products in categories like fashion, home & kitchen, electronics, baby & kids, grocery, beauty, and more. Customers can also frequently enjoy discount deals, and sale seasons.

5. LinkedIn (News - Alert)

Known as the largest professional networking website in the world, LinkedIn makes it easier to find jobs. People can eliminate the stressful process of delivering their CVs directly to potential employers. Instead, LinkedIn provides the opportunity to create online professional profiles, and connect with other professionals from around the globe.

The company began its services in California in 2002. These days, professionals can enjoy LinkedIn services through a website, and a mobile application. Employers can post job openings, and employees can upload their resumes. With the presence of almost 562 million users from around 200 countries, there is a high potential for connecting the right jobs with the right people.

There is no doubt that enhancements in technology make life convenient. Additionally, these improvements connect us globally – providing the opportunity for developing better solutions to make life just a little more comfortable.

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