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July 15, 2019

VPS Hosting: What is VPS?

With all types of businesses and companies moving their services online and huge number of websites being created every day, the need for hosting providers is greater than ever. There are several different types of hosting available. Before choosing a hosting provider for your website, you need to decide which one suits you best: shared hosting, dedicated hosting or virtual private server hosting.

What does VPS mean?

The abbreviation VPS stands for a virtual private server. It is a physical server for hosting your internet website that is housed in a data center, the location which is determined by your chosen hosting provider. Virtual private server hosting service is one of the three possible options of hosting for your website that you can choose from, depending on your needs.

How is VPS Hosting Different from Shared and Dedicated Hosting?

With shared hosting, your website shares a single web server with other websites. This is an option that lets you put up a site fairly quickly. Though, It can backfire once such website grows in popularity. With more resources consumed and more sessions loaded every minute, it can come to a point where things start crashing down or slowing down to a complete crawl. With VPS hosting, however, you have much more control and resources, than with shared hosting packages. You still share the hardware with other customers, but it’s less likely to cause problems. You can use virtual private server hosting until the traffic on your website grows to the point where it is necessary to choose a dedicated server for both, financial and performance reasons. Overall, virtual private server hosting may be better than shared or dedicated hosting because:

  • Virtual private server can be less expensive than a full-fledged dedicated server.
  • It can be customized to your needs and you only pay for what you require.
  • With VPS you have a lot more control over your hosting environment.
  • A virtual private server can grow as your website grows and its server needs an increase.
  • Generally, the support staff of many VPS providers is very helpful and can help you solve complex technical issues whenever help is needed.

Virtual private server hosting is like the middle option between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It is more expensive than shared hosting but gives more control and customization options. It is less technical and requires less knowledge than dedicated hosting but can be a great way to learn before eventually transferring into dedicated hosting. VPS hosting is best suited for small to medium business websites which are looking for more control and performance than shared hosting option could offer, but without making the necessary investment required to move to a fully dedicated server.

Where can you get VPS Hosting?

Virtual private server hosting has many different providers who are extremely easy to find on the internet. With so many options to choose from, finding the one that is best suited for you can be quite difficult. The most successful providers that have been offering good VPS hosting options for quite some time are Bluehost, Hostgator, InMotion Hosting, iPage, Liquid Web, Hostwinds, FatCow, JustHost, InterServer, StableHost, OVH, and many more. When choosing your virtual private server’s hosting provider, it is useful to consider some factors. Is their customer service good? How about the prices? What’s their range of features? Do they offer a lot of storage space? How good is their uptime? What extra features can they offer? Carefully considering these questions should help you decide which provider is best suited for your needs.

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