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July 10, 2019

Benefits of Technology for Your Teen


The emergence of modern technology has made a life-changing impact on human society all over the world. Naturally, in this age of technology, it would be rather unnatural for our little ones to be averse to technology and its benefits.

There have been serious debates about the drawbacks of exposing children to technology at a very early age. However, this debate usually stems from abuse and extremes. We all understand and agree that sleeping is good for our health. However, sleeping throughout the day is undoubtedly a bad lifestyle choice and abuse of something inherently good.

The use of technology by children should be controlled and supervised by the parents, so they can help their children strike a balance between technology and life. You must find ways to shield your children from things that may turn bad with indiscriminate use, but let them soak up all positive aspects of technology. 

Mentioned below are a few ways technology may benefit your teen.

Creativity and freedom of expression: We all know that kids generally have big imaginations, sometimes too big to be contained.  Gone are the days when they only had colored markers and crayons to express those ideas. Now, with computers, tablets, and so much more at their disposal, our kids can create 3D animations, and even bring them to physical forms with the use of 3D printers.

Socialization and relationship building:  Mobile apps, social media, or video games are interests and hobbies just like readings, sports, and others. Children can share such interests with others, just like they would over television shows or baseball cards. They can also connect with each other over live chat via different platforms, or during video game sessions. Learning and collaborating with like-minded peers may someday turn out to be the foundation stone of a great future.

Independence and empowerment: The journey from conceptualization of an idea to its to the final product, can be a long and tiresome one without technology. However, today’s kids can carry out that process all by themselves. In addition to the act of creating something cool, this also provides them a feeling of independence and empowerment, which makes them confident enough to keep pushing for larger achievements as they grow older.

Safe Driving: As a child approaches the legal age for driving, most of the parents get extremely worried. However, numerous technology-enabled driving safety measures can now be used to ensure a safer drive for teens. Many safety devices are also available for traveling safely with a baby. Some of the most useful driving safety technologies include rear shoulder belt, anchors for rear shoulder belt, airbag, automatic door locks, child safety locks, window switches, anti-pinch automatic windows, and more. Before your child starts driving a car, make him understand the importance of abiding by the traffic rules, and avoiding distracted driving.

Problem solving and perseverance: Technology provides children the much-needed freedom of expression, which creates an opportunity for them to set out independently and achieve something on their own. In the process, they do face challenges and roadblocks but will find ways to deal with them. This problem-solving attitude from a young age can lead to extraordinary achievements in the future.  

Entrepreneurial spirit: We all know how our childhood interests make a long-lasting impression on what we want to become in the future. Today, our kids are exposed to technology from a tender age. With a little support and guidance from the parents, they can make the correct choices to develop an entrepreneurial spirit from this stage of life.

Enhanced learning: Years ago, items typically associated with learning were schools, books, and libraries. Then, a new approach to learning was introduced by computers. Today’s kids are fortunate to have technology aids such as VR, AI, and AR that can take their learning experience to a different level altogether. 

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