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June 25, 2019

The Best Apps for People with Dementia

Dementia and Alzheimer's disease are unfortunately common conditions, especially with the elderly. Luckily, thanks to innovation and advancement in technology in the past several years, there are now many apps that can help individuals with such conditions. Here are some of the best:

Talking Tom Cat 2

This is a game where you talk to a cat and he repeats your words. The cat has an entertaining voice that keeps you interested. With the tactile features of the iPad, you can brush or poke Talking Tom Cat. If you challenge him and even play other mini-games, you win game coins which you can spend on things like outfits and other pet features.

My Reef 3D

Individuals dealing with advanced dementia will certainly find this application fun and pretty easy to use. You get to interact with various types of fish and the activities including stocking an aquarium with fish and even tapping on the glass. Of course, the latter will annoy the fish and this provides an amusing interaction. Ideally, there's an option to sit back and just enjoy the beauty thanks to the outstanding graphics of the app.


Individuals suffering from dementia might miss some parts of their lives that they are no longer able to participate in. However, with FlowerGarden, they can re-experience these moments. Individuals who love gardening will love this app as it allows them to participate in virtual gardening which includes everything from planting seeds, watering them and even harvesting. The ability to replicate an activity one loves is essential in keeping a person with Alzheimer's busy.


This is perhaps the best app for individuals suffering from dementia. It's more of a friend than a tool. It can help a loved one stay focused on things like memory, paying attention, working with their speed as well as problem-solving. Mindmate ideally provides entertainment through various games that are not only fun but provide learning materials for existing events in medicine.

Let's Create! Pottery

An application that introduces something out of the ordinary is always welcome. In this app, you get to throw virtual clay into a pottery wheel and create an array of clay pits. You simply drag your finger across the screen which smoothens the sides of the pots. This a fun app, particularly for elderly individuals with a creative spark that has not faded.

Lumosity Mobile

This is a smartphone application that has over 25 cognitive games that are all aimed at giving the brain a workout. The games challenge the memory and attention of the individual in their common neuropsychological and cognitive tasks. This app doesn't come cheap, but it's quite popular and will certainly be useful to people dealing with dementia.

Alzheimer's Society's Talking Point Forum

This is an application that was released by the Alzheimer's Society in the United Kingdom. It's an online discussion and support forum that is designed for any individual affected by dementia. It is a place where individuals with this condition and their loved ones can ask for advice, join discussions, share information and get to know other people's experiences.

It's Done

This is an app that simply provides a checklist of the important daily tasks like taking medication, locking doors, feeding pets, turning off the cooker, etc. According to the application's developers, It's Done! is ideal for individuals with short term memory loss as a result of dementia, brain injury and other related medical conditions.

All these apps can be very useful in improving the life of a loved one who suffers Alzheimer's disease or dementia. Consider installing some or all of them, for better living and improved dementia care.

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