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June 24, 2019

Your Business Phone Should Make Your Life Easier

There’s no denying how much technology has evolved over the years, and how much our lives are improving because of  it. Year after year, new advancements are made and a minor problem we used to face is solved and a little nuisance is taken care of. One of the aspects that has benefitted the most from technological advancement is communication. The way it has evolved over the years is mind boggling and it doesn’t even stop there. Not too long ago, it was impossible to reach people in different countries, it was very hard and expensive, and now it’s a click away. There’s also the introduction of newer technologies to even help further with communications, and some can make your life a lot easier. Business phones using the internet have been introduced and they are the hottest thing. This is how an internet based business phone can help turn things around for you.

What is the best option for business phones?

A normal phone allows you to take and make calls, and that’s about it. And then there’s the “Voice Over Internet Protocol” or VoIP, which is a whole other level. It’s basically a phone service but over the internet, and if you have the internet connection to handle it, phone calls will never be the same for you. So, instead of a local phone company, your internet provides the means to take and make calls, and this can be a game changer.

How does it work?

A VoIP makes it possible to receive and make calls between landlines or cell phones, computers to computers, or pretty much anything else. It’s basically data travelling over the internet like any email or message you send online, which means it can also be much faster than traditional means of communication and much more efficient too. All you need to get is a telephone adapter to connect to your network, and reaching landlines would be available, but using the speed and prowess of the internet. Here’s why a VoIP can be much better for you and your business.


Believe it or not, it’s much cheaper to make phone calls through the internet than it is to do it through local landlines. You also have a bigger control over your business and how much you want to scale it, and how fast too. You don’t need expensive hardware and you don’t need to pay expensive bills. All there is to it is a good internet connection and you’d be good to go.


Fact is, a voice over internet protocol gives you so much more flexibility and options over a traditional landline. You get options like two-way texting between business lines, which can be an excellent alternative to making phone calls in case that is not available at a particular time. There’s also the option of linking your system to a Medical and Dental Patient Appointment Reminder Software which means you won’t have to reach out to each patient to confirm each appointment and other details. The software can do that for you, and it’s all done online. This is not an option with landlines as they are not exactly technology compatible, but for a VoIP, things get much easier. Just imagine an automatic text or phone call being placed to your patients to confirm appointments and checkups. This helps increase the business’s efficiency to a large extent, as there is no longer room for human error or someone forgetting. This in turn reflects on better numbers for the clinic/hospital and better flow of work.

Call recording

Another great option you get with a business phone is call recording. Sure, it is an option available on cell phones, but over the internet, it’s done much more efficiently and smoothly. You might be conducting an online interview or an online meeting, and you’d need to get back to the call details to get some info about something. Call recording is done through sophisticated software that will make it much easier to record a phone call and much safer too.


Probably the most important option of a VoIP is the fact that is mobile and makes it easy and practical for you to take your business everywhere you want. You can basically run your entire business from your mobile phone from wherever and whenever you want. You can make and take business calls from anywhere outside the office, and it’s a benefit you’ll not get with a traditional landline where you can only answer from the physical location of the phone. This means your availability as a business is not limited to your whereabouts, and if your employees do it too, then the clients would get much more access to your services. This can reflect greatly on your business and it can open new portals for your business now that your customer service and employee availability are this good.


With VoIP, an employee can be much more efficient than with a traditional landline. They basically load all their personal info into the system, and they’re good to go. They can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. So gone are the excuses of not being around to pick up phone calls or respond to customer complaints. With a VoIP, you can do that from anywhere and get notified even at the bathroom that someone is reaching out to you.

It’s the future

The fact is this type of software and business phones is the future, and pretty soon everyone will be operating this kind of system. Landlines for businesses are becoming a thing of the past, and for good reason. A VoIP makes your life so much easier and your business much more adequate. It is also very user friendly and easy to use, so employees find no trouble in using it and adapting their work accordingly. They find it also to be intuitive and easier and more efficient to use than a traditional phone system, and that means they’re more prone to using this which will reflect positively on your business. The options are endless, and you can access your voice email via your email and get your calls forwarded in much easier steps. These are the options for the future, and this is one train you don’t want to miss out on.

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