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April 17, 2019

4 Creative Ways to Use Your Storage Facility For More Than Storage

As your family grows, it’s easy to start accumulating all sorts of possessions, more than you ever thought you’d have. A lot of these you’ll never even use. As space to store things at the home began to shrink, it’s only a matter of time that you might have to turn to using commercial storage facilities to house everything they don’t have room for. But did you ever think of the other ways you might be able to use a storage unit?

Because modern self storage facilities have amenities like adjustable climate control and round the clock personal security to prevent crime, there has been an increase in people using storage units for uses other than storage. The following are some of the most creative ways you can transform a storage unit into an additional space that benefits you!

1) Practice and Recording Studio

No matter where you live, the neighbours will have an issue with you practicing music. While being a “storage unit band” sounds a lot dumber than a “garage band” it can really be worth the expense to rent a place where you will be able to practice whenever you like without worrying about neighbours complaining. 

Depending on the rules of the storage facility and the location, you can transform your unit into a fully integrated studio, complete with a mixing board, sound tiles and a miniature stage. 

There are even some storage unit facilities that provide a lounge area for musicians and others who use the facility to relax with a drink.

2) Personal Gym

Have you tried to create a gym in your home, only to find that you really didn’t have enough space to bring in all the equipment you wanted? You can use your storage facility as a gym and stock up on fitness gear!

Most medium sized units have enough space to allow you to lay down a yoga mat. You’ll still have enough room for a weight rack, weight bench or dumbbell set. Using a storage unit this way will give you ample privacy, and in climate controlled units, the temperature can be raised to help you really work up a sweat.

3) Building Space

Most storage units have more than enough space for someone to work on small projects. One popular way to use storage spaces these days is to turn yours into a workspace to upcycle antiques, restore older furniture and to build new creative pieces from scratch. You can easily create areas for sanding, painting, staining or refurbishing furniture.

Many people then sell their creations that they’ve made in their unit online through Ebay and Etsy (News - Alert), among other platforms.

4) Art Gallery

Parents with several children always struggle with having enough space on the fridge or walls at home. They might want to have a space to store and show their child masterpieces in case they turn into the next Picasso or Monet. They also might just want their own art studio that’s out of their house.

Using a climate controlled storage space gives you ample room to show artwork along the walls, and there’s room in the unit for any temporary walls to be set up. The climate control will ensure the art stays in its best possible condition.

The only limit to what you can do with a storage unit is your creativity. Just remember to speak with the management at your local storage facility to learn all the rules and regulations that could prevent you using your space for anything other than basic storage.

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