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February 01, 2019

10 Educational Gadgets That Students Will Love

In today’s technological society, there is an app and gadget for everything. Of course, these aren’t just for fun; you can make good use of gadgets that are educational too. We all want our children and students to perform at their best, and sometimes they need a helping hand from educational gadgets. So, we’ve rounded up some of the best gadgets that we know students are going to love.

Keep reading to find out the best gadgets for students and how they can help them to achieve good grades.

Wireless Apple (News - Alert) AirPods for Listening

One of the most popular gadgets that students love right now is Apple AirPods. These are wireless earbuds that are lightweight, easy to use and offer fantastic sound. You can listen to all your favourite podcasts and music when you are travelling to class. Of course, the idea is that these AirPods connect to your iPhone (News - Alert). This is not complicated, and it automatically syncs without much effort.

Smartphone for Educational Apps

Of course, every student wants to achieve the best grades they can. So, when we say to choose a smartphone, you might think that this would act as a distraction to studying. But it can actually be a study aid when it is used right. In fact, there are some fantastic educational apps and organizers you can use to help you at school or college. For example, there are language learning, mathematics and English apps.

Compact Photo Printer to Enjoy Memories

In today’s world, we take most of our everyday photographs on our smartphones. After all, their cameras have developed a lot of the last few years, and now they are just as good as traditional cameras. A lot of people think they can no longer printer their photographs, but this isn’t true! With compact photo printers like the HP Sprocket Photo Printer, you can take all of your favourite snaps and frame them. What is great about this printer is that it is so small that you can take it anywhere.

Laptops for Studying

If you walk into a classroom or lecture hall, all you will see is a lot of laptops. More and more students are choosing to go electronic when it comes to studying, ditching the pen and paper. Let’s be honest; laptops are a faster and easier way to take notes, plus search online. What’s more, you can record lessons and listen back to them later. For example, software such as Microsoft (News - Alert) Office is now what all students use for their school assignments.

Noise Cancelling Headphones to Forget the World

Are you a student that likes to block out the world when you are studying? Well, now you can with help from noise cancelling headphones. You can revise for the latest test or enjoy some study in a noisy environment with these and not have to complain about the world around you. Plus, you can use them anywhere. This includes at the library or in busy student accommodation.

Canon (News - Alert) EOS M6 for Photography

If you like to take photographs, you are going to love the Canon EOS M6. This is an amazing DSLR camera that delivers high-quality images that make your photography skills look the best they can be. There is built-in WIFI to connect your camera to your computer, as well as Bluetooth to transfer photographs.

Smartpens for Scribbling

Do you learn better when you draw and make mind maps? Well, you can make sure that you can keep up in class or at home with smartpens. This is a device that is going to let you scribble down everything you want to remember later on. This means that after class, you will have all the notes that you need for studying and working on assignments.

Virtual Assistant for Study Help

One of the gadgets that is taking over every household right now is virtual assistants. We are talking about Google (News - Alert) Home and Amazon Echo where you can simply ask any question and receive an answer straight away. Of course, you don’t just have to ask Alexa about the weather; you can also use her to help you study. For example, if you have an English or politics paper that you have difficulty writing, you can ask your virtual assistant for some help. Whether you want some facts or links to pay someone to write your essay, your virtual assistant is going to do it for you.

Amazon Kindle for Textbooks

We all know just how expensive textbooks can be at the start of the school year. In fact, they can really burn a hole in your pocket! Well, those days are over when you choose an Amazon Kindle. You can read all of the textbooks online at half the price, as well as make notes and highlights on your Amazon Kindle to help you study later on. Plus, you don’t have to go to the book store; you can read from anywhere!

Belkin SurgePlus USB Charger for Protection

When you have a lot of electronics that you want to charge, it can be hard to find extra plugs for them all. There is even the risk of an electrical surge if you are now careful. This is something that you do not have to worry about the Belkin SurgePlus UDB Swivel Charger. This has not only got plugs and USB charge ports, but it is also going to protect you from electrical spikes. Now you can charge up your smartphone and tablet at the same time you are on your laptop.

There you have it’ 10 educational gadgets that students will love this year. One of our favourites is the laptop for studying. Everyone works on a computer now, and students are no different. It makes education easier and more enjoyable, which is what it is all about! Of course, we have a range of different gadgets that are great for different occasions. For example, a virtual assistant offers you help with anything, using the internet to search for reliable information. It could even write an essay for you if you do not understand the subject matter. Who would have thought this would be possible?

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