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October 11, 2018

Advanced Skin Care Technology Coming in 2019

The skin is the largest organ in the body, so skin care should be one of your top priorities. The skin care business has continued to grow over the past few years. This is in terms of technology and social being.

Anti-aging and skin care products are becoming better and more subtle. Women who at one time did not want to admit they just had botox are now proud. And even men have joined the bandwagon

The Top Skin Care Technology trends coming or already here

Technology has had a big impact on the cosmetology industry. Skin care techniques continue to rise with demand. Here is a look at some of the skin care technology that will take 2019 by storm.

  • Wearable Beauty Tech

            Technology is giving more people insight into their lives in terms of beauty. The rise of wearable technology continues to be on the rise. For instance, in China, 18% of the population wears a device to track the inner workings of their body.

            Beauty brands are expected to fast-track these wearable technologies. Women, who have more demands when it comes to beauty are looking for devices which will analyze DNA, skin scans and 3D Face. This new technology will give consumers a chance to test out products more conveniently.

            Companies like BodyShop have already started testing this new technology. Augmented reality will be the perfect guide for consumers to manage their health and beauty.

  • Micellar Water in everything

            Micellar waters are created by micelle technology you can now find them in what seems like a million different products. These product are ultra powerful and gentle on sensitive skin to remove makeup, dirt and other impurities due to the unique technology behind them all.

  • Skin Scanners

An example of this is the “Neutrogena Skin360 and SkinScanner”  This attachment plugs right to your iPhone (News - Alert) and makes it easy to figure out your skin's hydration levels,  your average pore size, and where your fine lines are forming, to make these accurate measurements it has a  30-times magnification camera as well as ultra sensitive moisture sensors to get info only a doctor could give you before this became available.

  • Cosmetic Laser Dermatology

Doctors are now moving more and more to laser treatments to treat a variety of cosmetic skin problems like redness, brown spots, large pores, uneven skin texture and wrinkles. Laser is also used to achieve permanent removal of tattoos and unwanted facial or body hair.

They are also using laser tech for various medical conditions including rosacea, scars, birthmarks, warts, nail fungus, and acne.

Your dermatologist will determine which laser treatment is best suited for your specific concerns and skin type, to achieve the best cosmetic results. Pre-treatment preparation, anesthesia and recovery time will vary depending on the treatment performed you can find out more about this by visiting

  • Home Spa Products

Having to go to the spa for quality skin care is quickly becoming a thing of the past.  Foreo thought about this and as a result, the UFO was created. The device boils down the sheet-masking experience into just 90 seconds! Not only that it combine it with other spa technologies, including LED light therapy, cryotherapy and thermotherapy (cold and hot settings), and T-sonic pulsations, which allow the masks to penetrate a lot deeper and work just that much harder. This mask has both morning and evening treatments, each of which uses different ingredients and settings to help you improve your skin in only a minute and 30 seconds. (Read more about this product here.)

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