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August 24, 2018

The Five Technology Trends That Will Impact Real Estate In 2018

Real estate has come leaps and bounds since the olden times. As we have grown, technology has grown with us. Technology affects many things around us; the following are the five things that will impact real estate with the change in technology.

The Internet of Things

Smart home technology is one of the most innovate things that has come with technology with recent years. Many top companies like Amazon and Google has come into play with this technology. Now that it’s 2018, this technology has come very far. Homes of many people around the world have smart technology in it. With the clap of a hand one can switch on the lights, controlling the TV or the music system in your house. All this will be of common nature in a few years. This is going to impact real estate in a big way. The consumer’s choice in houses with smart technology will rise and so will the prices of these houses.  

Augmented reality and virtual reality

When the game Pokémon Go was released, it became an international Phenomenon with its virtual reality world. It was game which used augmented reality to create a world similar to the anime series. New York Times just shipped a million virtual reality headsets to their subscribers so that they could view its content using virtual reality. How will this affect the real estate world? Well with virtual reality home tours people can just sit at their homes and can tour the places that they wanted to buy. Google (News - Alert) has started this by with Streetview, in which you can view any street using a cursor. While this trend has already started with websites like YouVisit, consumers in the future will tour the houses that they wanted to buy with the help of augmented and virtual reality.

Machine Learning

Machine learning has a positive impact on many consumers by offering them better recommended products online and create better search results through Google. This type of technology will become more relevant in the year 2018. This will also raise consumer expectations about their online expectations. How will this impact the real estate world? Many real estate websites in today’s time are cumbersome. People who visit these websites must enter their search criteria time and time again to get the search results. Several fields must be re-entered so that the search results can be displayed. In the future with the help of machine learning all the websites will understand each customer’s unique choices. It will all be saved in the website and the consumers should not have to re-enter the search criteria time and time again the website. Search criteria like price range, location, number of rooms will be saved for future references. This experience will be similar to websites like Netflix and Amazon where the search will be more consumers friendly and will be beneficial as much time will be saved in searching the relevant terms.

Everything on Demand

Get your food items, groceries, household items, and many other things with the click of a button. The trend of getting many things by just browsing for a few minutes has become a common theme among people of this generation and is showing no signs of slowing down. What people are expecting with this technology is instant gratification. With the trend of everything in demand companies will help connect the real estate agents and consumers instantly. Future companies will embrace this technology and will reap the benefits that this technology has to offer. In the end all these trends will certainly help in the development of the real estate agency  

Having a low commission real estate agent with you is always beneficial. It will pull less money from your pockets and will be helpful in finding a good quality house in the future. Low commission agent is hard to come by and they require years of trust and experience. As every buyers are interested in cosy atmosphere, peaceful place to start living. So, whenever you want to sell your house some quick and necessary points are always welcomed to make it excellent stagger.

Physical- Digital interactions

The physical and digital realms are starting to mix together with the advancement of technologies. It’s the idea of ordering something from any large end store on your cell phone and going to the store later to pick it up. The dash buttons introduced by Amazon is another example of this. Many instances of this technology will be visible in the coming years. How will this affect the real estate world? How about a technology in which an alert message will be send to the nearest real estate agent so that he or she can give you a tour of the nearby house as soon as possible. If a consumer is driving around a neighbourhood he or she can get an instant showing of any house on the market with the help of this technology.



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