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May 29, 2013

Almost Nobody Watches Mobile Video, Study Finds

By Gary Kim, Contributing Editor

Most people do not watch video on their smartphones, according to Experian Marketing Services. In fact, a recent study suggests nearly 98 percent of U.S. smartphone users do not watch any video on a typical day.

That study also suggests just 2.3 percent of U.S. smartphone users watch video on a typical day, according to Experian Marketing Services.

That might come as a bit of a shock, given all the statistics we all routinely see about the growth of content consumption on mobile devices. But it appears most of that content consumption is of media types other than video.

Still, other studies suggest mobile video consumption already is higher than the Experian 

panel suggests. Flurry, for example, found in March 2012that mobile video consumption was nearly eight minutes a day.

Based on the behavior of all people in the sample, just 1 percent of the average smartphone user’s day is spent watching video, including the 98 percent who watch no video.

Of the 2 percent of users who do report using video, the time of use is five minutes a day spread over 4.2 sessions, Experian says.

It isn’t hard to find evidence that mobile video consumption is growing at double-digit rates. But that growth also is coming from a very small existing base of users, which means high growth rates still do not translate into high usage by most people.

Looking only at activities which survey respondents report engaging in, talking (79 percent), texting (76 percent), visiting websites (62 percent), e-mailing (61 percent) and social networking (52 percent) are the most common.

Activities with the fewest daily participants are watching video, which 2.3 percent of smartphone owners do during a typical day, and reading, which just 0.5 percent of smartphone owners do daily.

The average U.S. adult spends 58 minutes a day interacting with his or her smartphone, according to Experian Marketing Services.

On average, smartphone owners spend 26 percent of that time talking and another 20 percent texting.

Social networking represents 16 percent of smartphone engagement time while browsing the mobile Web accounts for 14 percent of time spent with the device.

E-mailing consumes 9 percent of time while playing games accounts for 8 percent of activities.  Use of the phone’s camera and GPS take up another 2 percent each. In fact, 98 percent of smartphone users do not watch any video on their smartphones in a typical day.


Edited by Rich Steeves
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