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May 23, 2013

Zoom Video Communications Reaches 1 Million Participants

By Robbie Pleasant, TMCnet Contributor

Zoom Video Communications has reached a new milestone, as its one millionth participant has joined. The Unified Meeting Experience offers HD video meetings and mobile screen sharing, connecting up to 25 people at a time over computers, mobile devices, and room systems, and has now connected over 400,000 meetings, 3,500 businesses and 1,000,000 customers.

Zoom provides a 3-in-1 cloud service, encompassing HD video conferencing, mobility, and web meetings. As it charges only $9.99 a month, it can provide all three services for a lower price than many companies charge for one, making it very appealing to customers. Of course, affordability alone will not get a company one million customers, rather its reliability is one of the number reasons why customers choose its services.

Zoom has helped improve the quality and effectiveness of cross-platform communications, thanks to its cloud service that takes the real-time collaboration experience and expands it across all sorts of devices and systems. It also provides high definition video quality no matter what endpoints the video is going to, and by connecting up to 25 people at once, it can host large meetings with ease.

"We've received overwhelmingly positive responses from our growing customer base," says Zoom’s founder and CEO, Eric Yuan. "In the beginning, we had the goal in mind of creating a communication tool that allowed participants to connect and share information easily and with the highest-quality from anywhere in the world. With the emergence in participants from both businesses and individual professionals, we know we've created the next evolution in cloud video collaboration that provides the ultimate affordable, unified, cross-platform meeting experience for everyone."

No matter what the business, a million participants is a great achievement. Zoom has worked hard and done well to reach this point, and a million people can vouch for the quality of its meeting experience. With thousands of businesses, hundreds of education institutions, and 2,500 cities, it is creating a video meeting experience that is truly unified.

Edited by Ashley Caputo
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