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December 18, 2012

UC Trends Ahead

By Robbie Pleasant, TMCnet Contributor

For all of the usefulness of unified communications (UC), it can be difficult for a large organization to fully deploy UC sysems. As such, many companies that are making efforts to deploy UC have been turning to cloud-based solutions in an attempt to fully optimize it, although many are adopting a hybrid approach.

Thanks to the cloud, networks can connect more remote workers at faster speeds than ever before. However, the increased activity presents additional issues for managers and remote workers, such as security, errors in data transmissions and so on. While the cloud is great for hosting important applications, accessing them all depends on the networks used by the companies. As such, companies with more remote workers are starting to rely on larger and faster connections for the speeds and bandwidth they need.

Furthermore, softphones have benefitted from the spread of UC-based collaboration tools. Whether on a computer, tablet or mobile device, softphones are on the rise while traditional hard phones are going away. Of course, hard phones aren’t entirely out, but the migration to softphones is set to keep going well through 2013. This will result in companies having to replace their TDM infrastructure with IP-based UC solutions, while keeping hard phones around until the industry has fully migrated to unified communications.

As for UC itself, we’ll be seeing companies looking for a more global network, including unified infrastructures across the globe. This is where UC will shine, connecting companies, employees and customers no matter where they are. Applications will need to work together, but when they do it will present a faster, more unified way of communicating than ever before.

While the shift to UC and the cloud will depend on each company’s needs, there are great things in the future. The cloud presents great opportunities, and as the world grows more connected, the greater the technology to keep it unified will become.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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