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June 2003


Active Contacts from Hotsip is client software for PCs, PDAs, and mobile terminals (supporting Windows, Pocket PC, EPOC and Java/J2ME), which allows the creation of an operator-branded end-to-end solution. Furthermore, Active Contacts is a Web and PocketPC-based application designed to provide users with the ability to intercommunicate via VoIP, instant messaging, text messaging, video conferencing. The PC client version supports USB soft phones, which enables users to make and receive telephone calls from the Internet or the PSTN.

Through its three-level architecture Active Contacts PC is designed to support open standards and open interfaces. It is extensible through plug-in concept for easy addition of new services. The client can with great advantage be fully utilized together with the Hotsip server software product suite and can be customized to match the customer�s brand. An SDK is available for developing themes (look and feel), communication plug-ins like conferencing, and automation programs for exporting and importing presence information using APIs for e.g., Outlook Calendar integration.

Interactive Intelligence, Inc.
Though SIP-based softswitches are made for next-generation call transport over packet networks, they generally lack certain interaction management applications. For example, inherent features such as voice mail still require multiple communications servers and boxes within a SIP network. Which is where the Windows 2000-based, SIP capable Interaction Center Platform technology comes in.

In addition to replacing multi-box communications systems with a single server, Interaction Center Platform supports a full suite of interaction management software products that deliver voice mail and more. It can also integrate with SIP-compliant Proxies and Registrars in addition to new IP telephony boards. As a result, the Interaction Center Platform can drive entire SIP oriented networks from just one server while also opening the door to new SIP solutions from VoIP infrastructure providers.

Because the Interaction Center Platform supports the SIP RFC, organizations leaning toward SIP standards can now get a full range of voice- and Web-based interaction management features via a converged voice/data network.

Nortel Networks
SIP Multimedia PC Client:
SIP Multimedia PC Client is a Windows PC-based SIP agent that supports traditional telephony communications while providing additional multimedia communications services.

SIP Multimedia Web Client: The SIP Multimedia Web Client uses a Web Browser on a PC platform to provide the services provided by the SIP Multimedia PC Client.

SIP Personal Agent: The SIP Personal Agent allows a subscriber to personalize and provision their SIP-based services through a web-based HTML browser.

SIP Multimedia PDA Client: The Nortel Networks SIP Multimedia PDA Client is a SIP-enabled client that runs on J2ME-based handheld devices like iPaq and RIM-type personal digital assistant devices. This client supports wireless instant messaging and network-based address book integration. In addition, this client provides a listing of incoming SIP-based call attempts, and can initiate VPN calls using any phone. For example, a user can simply click on a call log entry to initiate a callback to the caller from their mobile phone.

The SoundPoint IP 500 offers users easy access to familiar telephony features and, with support for SIP, adds abilities associated with computing such as instant messaging and presence-based features on the phone. The standards-based desktop phone supports all of the major IP telephony protocols including SIP, IETF MGCP V1, ITU H.323 V3, and Cisco SCCP. The SoundPoint IP 500 includes full-duplex speakerphone performance, a two-port 10/100 Ethernet switch, and support for XML application services delivered by an IP telephony call management server. The phone has a large 160x80 display that supports numerous network applications, and its user interface offers dedicated, one-button access to telephony features.

Pingtel, the leader in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology, fosters innovation and provides competitive advantages for solution providers and enterprises by employing industry standards to create open architecture IP voice products.

Pingtel xpressa for the desk is the world�s first Java-smart SIP phone, is feature rich, open to add-on features, easy to use, manageable, and stylish for premise-based IP PBX systems and hosted IP voice services. Pingtel xpressa, recognized as the de facto SIP phone by both industry and media experts, also incorporates audio-enhancing GIPS NetEQ technology for significant latency savings and packet loss compensation.

Siemens Enterprise Networks
Siemens optiPoint 400 Standard IP telephones operate in H.323, H.450, CorNet IP, or SIP to create a highly versatile workpoint. optiPoint 400 Standard uses an Ethernet interface with a built-in, two-port Ethernet switch to deliver all the conveniences of Siemens optiSet telephones to the desktop over IP. The product offers the feature-richness of telephony with intuitive menus, programmable feature keys, log-on/log-off capabilities and simple dialing by extension or standard telephone number.

Siemens optiPoint 400 Standard telephones can store a protocol stack of choice in memory. This capability is designed to give optiPoint 400 Standard IP telephones added functionality in that protocol stacks need not be downloaded again and again upon every reboot.

Cisco Systems
The Cisco IP Phone 7960Gis a standards-based communication appliance. The Cisco IP series phones is designed to interoperate with IP telephony systems based on Cisco CallManager technology, H.323, or SIP and, in the future, Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP), with system-initiated software updates. The Cisco IP Phone 7960G is a second-generation, full-featured IP phone primarily for manager and executive needs. It provides six programmable line/feature buttons and four interactive soft keys that guide a user through call features and functions.

Mitel Networks
The Mitel Networks 5055 SIP Phone is a full-featured, standards-based business telephone. It delivers toll-quality voice and SIP services to the end user�s desktop. The 5055 is a versatile, highly interoperable phone that can function as a standalone product connected to a service provider, as part of a Mitel Networks total IP-based business communications solution, or in PBX environments that support SIP. As a SIP-compliant appliance, it is interoperable with all voice, data, video, and Internet applications and services that are SIP-enabled, and provides full SIP protocol support.

snom Technology
The enhanced snom 200 VoIP is the perfect solution for SOHO, SME and large corporate clients. The snom 200 utilizes the same SIP stack and software as the snom 100 but wrapped in a more conservative package with an additional second Ethernet port. The snom 200 utilizes SIP, H.323, and H.450 to be compliant with all of the world�s open standard systems. Special features are UPNP readiness, which allows the phone to operate in NAT environment and automatically configure your UPNP router to work so the user does not have to do any port forwarding or special settings to the router to get things going.

Zultys Technologies
The ZIP4x4 IP phone from Zultys integrates the functions of a managed switch with a business phone. Having four call appearances and four Ethernet circuits, the phone simplifies wiring from the network room to the desktop with only one Ethernet circuit. The ZIP4x4 can receive power over an Ethernet connection (IEEE 802.3af) or from an external ac adapter. With a standard method for configuration, administrators can deploy a phone within seconds. The phone runs on a real-time Linux operating system, uses SIP for call control, and supports VLAN and QoS standards for prioritizing multimedia traffic to ensure high voice quality.

Xten Networks, Inc.
Xten�s flagship application, X-PRO, is a premium SIP User Agent with all the features and functionality of a small business phone system. The product�s open standards-based design allows for maximum network interoperation and integration. X-PRO is a SIP User Agent (softphone) for Windows PCs and Wireless PocketPC/CE devices. X-PRO can be used to make free IP-to-IP calls using a service such as Free World Dialup or can be used to make IP-to-Phone calls using a pre-paid calling service such as deltathree�s iConnectHere.

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