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April 2004

Product Selection Guide: IP Phones

TNETV1050 IP Phone Solution
Texas Instruments

Leveraging an advanced architecture, powerful processing technology and increased expandability options, TI�s TNETV1050 is a complete IP phone system-on-a-chip, enabling product designers and manufacturers to rapidly create innovative IP phone offerings.

This next-generation solution from TI meets the demanding requirements of IP phone applications with faster inter-processor communications, increased data and instruction cache memory, and additional on-chip RAM. The TNETV- 1050 integrates a DSP and RISC processor with two Ethernet MACs, PHYs, a three-port line rate switch, an integrated dual-channel voice codec, and a flexible USB host/peripheral controller � all on one chip. Bundled with field hardened Telogy Software for VoIP, the TNETV-1050 platform also uniquely extends the expandability options for IP phones by featuring low-cost, low-pin count serial interfaces and flexible APIs, which allow designers to add functionality into their products either at the time of design, or later, as market demand warrants.

By offering all of the elements necessary to create an IP phone on a single chip, the TNETV1050 decreases the investment manufacturers must make in order to offer standard features on their products � and enables them to focus on developing high-end, revenue-generating applications.

ZIP4x4/ZIP 2
Zultys Technologies

The ZIP 4x4 integrates a business phone with a line-rate Ethernet switch. In addition to four call appearances and four Ethernet ports, the device is loaded with functionality, including encryption, calculator mode, single button functions, adjustable LCD, full-duplex speakerphone, headset jack, Power over Ethernet, message waiting indicator, and QoS support. Using an automated rollout procedure supported by the ZIP 4x4, IT managers are discovering that with the ZIP 4x4 they can minimize their effort in installation and deployment of a VoIP system. Because it�s 100 percent based on open standards, the ZIP 4x4 can be used within any SIP-compatible network.

Zultys also offers the ZIP 2, which provides a cost effective solution for putting an IP phone on every desktop. Key features include two call appearances, three-way conferencing, hold, transfer, redial, mute, hands-free dialing, DND, call forwarding, and message waiting indication (MWI). Because it�s 100 percent based on open standards, the ZIP 2 is compatible with Windows Messenger and can be used within any SIP-compatible network. The phone has a Web interface that permits rapid configuration and can be used for any business application. The ZIP 2 offers great value, especially when used in conjunction with a PC-based software program that can interact with the phone.

SoundPoint IP Family

Polycom�s SoundPoint IP 300 is an entry-level desktop business IP phone capable of supporting up to two lines. It is suitable for users needing basic IP telephony. It has a dual port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet switch and a monitor only speakerphone. It has 10 dedicated hard leys with three context-sensitive soft keys, and a four-line/20-character grayscale LCD. The SoundPoint IP 300 ships with an external power adapter, with the option to purchase an accessory cable to support Cisco powered switches and IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet. Currently supports MGCP. Up-to-date protocol support information is available online.

Polycom�s SoundPoint IP 500 is a mid-range performing two- to three-line desktop IP telephone suitable for everyday users needing more features than the SoundPoint IP 300 offers. It has a dual port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet switch, a full-duplex, hands-free speaker phone, supports 802.1 p/Q and will work with Cisco powered switches or IEEE 802.3af using an optional accessory cable. It has 13 dedicated hard keys with four context-sensitive soft keys, and a grayscale graphical 160x80 pixel LCD. Currently supports SIP, H.323, and MGCP.

SoundPoint IP 600 is a high performing desktop IP telephone, designed for multi-line telephony usage found in departments/work groups sharing lines, informal call centers, and for administrative assistants. It has four times the LCD resolution of the SoundPoint IP 500 (320 x 160 pixel graphical LCD with support for Asian characters), accommodates six line/call appearances, and has illuminated line state indicators and audio state indicators. SoundPoint IP 600 features a dual port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet switch, a full-duplex, hands-free speaker phone, and up to 18 dedicated hard keys and four context sensitive soft keys. Currently supports SIP. Up-to-date protocol support information is available online.

MTA 3308 IP Phone
InnoMedia, Inc.

InnoMedia�s MTA 3308 IP Phone offers all the features you would expect on a telephone, with the added information-rich capabilities only possible through IP telephony.

The MTA 3308 IP Phone is a full-featured phone that is both easy and fun to use, with features such as: an 80-character backlit display, hands-free speakerphone, 50-number phonebook, 10 memory dial keys, message waiting indicator, and user-intuitive menu navigation system. It also provides value-added calling services for customers, through the CLASS feature support with call agents and softswitches. It supports industry standard protocols: PacketCable NCS 1.0, MGCP 1.0, and SIP 2.0. It also works with various networks and network access de-vice types.

SandCherry SoftPhone
SandCherry, Inc.

SandCherry�s SoftPhone is a free downloadable software-based SIP phone that provides the flexibility and power to place VoIP calls from a PC to other SIP phone users or SIP network service providers. Features include an address book for frequently called destinations, last 10 calls history list, call transfer to automated voice applications, DTMF support, configurable ring tones, and configurable display. It doesn�t matter if your colleagues, customers, vendors, and friends have different SIP/IP phones you can use SandCherry�s SoftPhone to call all of them. This product is available for download immediately at www.sandcherry.com.

MamaKall Communication Inc.

MamaKall is a complete solution provider which offers IP phones (USB phone and broadband phone), central management platform (billing, authentication, etc.), and A�Z termination. Mamakall works with NAT and uses hardware voice compression; it can also be bundled with any regular phone number and offers a conference call feature. MamaKall broadband phone is almost plug and play, and offers hassle free installation. What�s more, MamaKall is very competitive in price. Private labeling opportunities are available.

snom 200
snom technology AG
(represented in the U.S. by ABP International, Inc.)

The snom 200 VoIP is the perfect commercial PBX type IP Phone with easy to use feature keys and softkeys for the more seldom used functions. With its crisp two-line by 24 LCD and Web interface, management, configuration, and remote upgrades are a simple task. The phone supports POE (Power over Ethernet) and a switch with a second Ethernet port. Examples of features are hold, call waiting, transfer, call forward, caller ID, etc., LED for MWI, and five LEDS for line indicators.

snom phones are based on Linux as the underlying operating system offering stability, security, and flexibility. The snom 200 is able to handle both SIP and H.323/H.450 protocols with seamless remote software updates. The voice quality of the snom 200 cannot be distinguished from traditional phones.

With the new snom 200, snom technology sets new standards regarding flexibility and interoperability. The phone is compatible with major vendor VoIP gateways and gatekeepers based on the open standards and is easy to integrate into any existing LAN/WAN environment. snom phones are designed for NAT traversal featuring STUN, Universal Plug and Play, and Outbound proxy making NAT traversal easy. snom phones also support an easy-to-use provisioning mechanism for low deployment cost and TCO.

optiPoint 410 Family
Siemens Enterprise Networks

Enterprises can now take advantage of all the plug-and-play flexibility built into the Siemens optiPoint 410 family of high-fidelity, multi-line IP telephones. Protocol support includes SIP and Siemens CorNet IP. The family provides the industry�s highest voice quality via the G.722 codec that provides 7 kHz of wideband voice transmission, more than twice the 3.3 kHz delivered by conventional IP and digital phones. Acoustic research has shown that wideband transmission reduces speech ambiguities by 90 percent, increasing conversational intelligibility and reducing listener fatigue. The Siemens optiPoint 410 Family has five models. Siemens has continued its modular architecture, providing a range of adapters, including a new Large Display Interaction Module (DSM) that provides voice dialing, a virtual keyboard and a touch screen graphical user interface that provides a WAP-based Internet browser and LDAP access to corporate directories. All Siemens optiPoint 410 models support IEEE 802.3af POE standard as well as Cisco�s proprietary power over Ethernet protocol.

IP Touch Family

Alcatel�s IP Touch phones, the Alcatel IP Touch 4068 and Alcatel IP Touch 4038, are the first IP phones to combine both an integrated keyboard and a graphical display, simplifying access to applications and Web content. In addition, Alcatel�s use of Bluetooth eliminates the need for a cord between the phone and a handset, headset or speakerphone unit, providing workers with greater freedom of movement around their offices.

IP Touch application phones complement Alcatel�s existing line of IP phones and are designed to work with the Alcatel OmniPCX IP-PBX as well as Alcatel�s OmniTouch Unified Communication suite to deliver advanced telephony features with high fidelity sound quality. Web content and text messages are easily accessed and viewed from any location within the enterprise by using the combination of a graphical display and a built-in alpha keyboard enables. Users easily access enterprise directory data and view caller contact information, and better manage their voicemail using a display-based interface instead of traditional voice prompts.

With support for the XML industry-standard data exchange format, the IP Touch phones are flexible and open to custom application development for unique business needs.

QiiQ Communications, Inc.

QiiQ�s Q-FONE-ALL is a full-featured IP phone and a regular analog phone. Users can utilize Q-FONE-ALL to make station to station telephone calls over LAN or WAN (over VPN) or Internet with call hold, call transfer, and call forward features. Q-FONE-ALL is H.450 compliant. When working with QiiQ�s Q-Regime, Q-FONE-ALL provides complete IP-PBX functions and includes all Centrex features It is equipped with two 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports which when connected to LAN and the other to a desktop PC, enables users to run CTI applications such as:

� Screen-Pop;

� Voice Mail Retrieval;

� Screen Dial and Call Pick-Up; and

� Database Integration.

The Q-FONE-ALL readily interfaces with a cable modem or an ADSL modem through PPPeE compliance. Other features include a high-quality speakerphone, programmable keys, and feature buttons for mute, hold, forward, and transfer. A SIP compliant version of Q-FONE-ALL is also available. QiiQ will also introduce their Q-FONE-GATE, which will incorporate all the functional features of Q-FONE-ALL and additionally functions as a single line VoIP gateway with one FXO port.

BudgeTone-100 Series
Grandstream, Inc.

Grandstream�s BudgeTone-100 series SIP phones are innovative IP telephones that offer a rich set of functionality and superb sound quality at ultra-affordable price. Starting at a low retail price of $75/ea, Grandstream�s BudgeTone SIP phones offer an extremely compelling value and extraordinary savings to consumer and corporate users.

The phone features most of the popular voice functions such as Caller ID display or block, call waiting, hold, transfer, forward, flash, redial, hands-free full duplex speaker phone, three-way conferencing, call log, volume control, voice mail indicator, echo cancellation, silence suppression, in-band and out-of-band DTMF, and support for many widely used vocoders such as G.711 (a/u-law), G.723.1, G.729A/B, G.726, and G.728.

The phone also supports Layer 2 (802.1Q VLAN and 802.1p) and Layer 3 (ToS, DiffServ) QoS and can be easily configured via keypad, Web browser, or a central configuration file. Communication protocols supported by the phone includes SIP2.0 (RFC3261), TCP/UDP/IP, RTP/RTCP, HTTP, DNS, DHCP, NTP, TFTP, DIGEST/BASIC authentication with MD5 and MD5-sess algorithms, and STUN (Simple Traversal of UDP thru NAT) draft standard.

The phone comes with a universal switching power adaptor (100V-240V input AC, 5V output DC). Its software can be remotely upgraded via TFTP.

Cisco IP Phone Family

Cisco Systems, Inc.

The TalkSwitch 48-NLS line is designed with very small businesses in mind. It�s feature-rich right out of the box, includes voice mail and auto-attendants, and can be installed in minutes. The TalkSwitch system can be used as a standalone PBX with non-proprietary analog telephones. For expansion, customers can connect and configure multiple TalkSwitch modules over a LAN. If a customer wishes to adopt IP telephony to save on communications costs, a third-party media gateway can be plugged into the LAN. The existing analog sets can be used as remote IP extensions to create a very affordable inter-branch, or inter-office voice-over-packet network.

The TalkSwitch system starts at four lines and eight extensions and scales cost-effectively to 16 lines and 32 extensions. Unlike all other PBXs, the TalkSwitch is designed to be entirely user-configurable and is flash-upgradeable.

Teledex IP250D

The Teledex IP250D network terminal provides a wide range of functionality encased in an attractive, ergonomically-pleasing package. Two-line flexibility is backed up by a crisp 3x16 display that provides call progress information and user interface feedback, making this a versatile terminal that�s easy to use. The IP250D features a high-quality speakerphone for convenient hands-free conversations. Full headset compatibility adds even more flexibility. The IP250D offers hassle-free setup � the phone configures in seconds and offers comprehensive troubleshooting menus. Powerful business features such as call forwarding, conferencing, shared lines, memory dialing, and more, provide options to the entire range of users. With support for all popular VoIP protocols, the IP250D platform is flexible enough to support present and future initiatives. The IP250D also features user programmable function keys, which cuts down on management overhead, while enhancing user functionality.

Telstrat i2732

TelStrat�s cost-effective 16-line i2732 IP Telephone uses the Cisco SCCP protocol, and Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) for separate VLAN applications, in the same manner as the one-, two-, and six-line IP telephones available from Cisco � allowing users to benefit from additional line appearances, enhanced telephony operation, simplified use, and one of the highest quality full-duplex speakerphones available on any enterprise voice platform.

The i2732 IP Telephone provides users with an IP telephone similar to their previous business telephone while fulfilling legacy PBX and Key/Hybrid System deployment requirements users have demanded and become accustomed to for many years. The end result allows businesses to benefit from the convergence of their voice/data networks while providing its users with a high-quality, low-cost, 16-line IP telephone.

swissvoice IP10, IP20
swissvoice S.A.

Swissvoice IP phones are ideal for professional use. The IP10 and IP20 models are open, cost-effective terminals that are available today, and which offer multiple features and advanced telephony services. These easy-to-use end-points ensure a full set of services, are ergonomically optimized, and offer interoperability with many Call Managers. IP10 and IP20 are dedicated to segments of the market, which are weakly covered and that also require access to efficient services. These segments include sites such as factories, waiting areas, retailers, warehouses, and also offices (large companies, SMEs/SOHO), which need cost-effective phones with well-suited features and always with a high degree of reliability and call quality. Swissvoice IP phones are priced under $100 USD.

Nortel i2002, i2004, i2050
Nortel Networks

The i2002 Internet telephone is a mid-range display-based client device with a built-in Ethernet switch designed to accommodate shared LAN access between an IP telephone and desktop PC. Ideal for moderate call volume users such as office professionals and specialists, the i2002 features four line keys and supports Nortel Networks� comprehensive suite of telephony features and advanced applications. The i2002 connects directly to an enterprise LAN via a 10/100 Base-T RJ45 connector. It supports either manual or automatic IP address assignment with a standard DHCP server to simplify and reduce the cost of station moves, adds, and changes.

The i2004 Internet telephone is a professional level client device designed for high-call-volume users requiring advanced features and interactive information. With a large LCD display, twelve programmable line or feature keys and four interactive soft keys, the i2004 provides users easy access to a wide range of telephony services. The i2004 supports automatic IP address assignment and an integrated Ethernet switch for shared LAN access to the desktop. Designed for flexibility and upgradeability, Nortel Networks� Internet telephone desktop solutions also support remote firmware upgrades to seamlessly accommodate new emerging features and industry standards as they evolve.

The i2050 is a software-based telephone designed to transform any personal, laptop, or tablet computer into a truly converged communication device. Ideal for call center agents, road warriors, and casual telecommuters with diverse communication needs, the i2050 allows a user to simply load the i2050 software, plug the Nortel Networks audio headset and adapter into the USB port, and receive full-featured telecommunication services and advanced applications including unified messaging, directly from their laptop or PC. In addition, i2050 supports powerful directory capabilities, with instant access to data that can either be stored locally on a PC or accessed remotely.

Vertical Networks

Beginning this month, Vertical Networks will offer two new wireless IP phones, the i300 and the i350, with its InstantOffice system, a next-generation IP-PBX platform. The system provides intelligent call handling, interactive voice response, enterprise application integration, and remote management capabilities for distributed branch office and store environments. The wireless phones provide a high-resolution graphic display, menu-driven functions, and messaging, plus push-to-talk functionality. InstantOffice also currently supports the wired Polycom Soundpoint IP 500 phone, which sports one-button access to common telephony features, a hands-free speakerphone and a rich display for messaging, call information, and applications.

3102 Business Phone
3Com Corp.

The 3Com 3102 Business Phone is a next generation design focused on telephone voice quality by featuring enhanced acoustic design and by leveraging the emerging wideband audio standard, which significantly enhances speech transmission compared to conventional public switch telephone network (PSTN). The 3102 phone also includes convenience and productivity features that make it an advanced business tool. The 3Com 3102 Business Phone has been designed to support the emerging wideband audio standards developed to enhance the quality of voice conversations. A typical PSTN phone line reproduces speech at 3.3 kHz, a legacy of Alexander Graham Bell, whereas the 3102 phone can relay IP conversations at a frequency of 7 kHz or higher, enabling clearer and more productive phone calls.

IPT1020-SD IP Phone
Toshiba DSD

The Toshiba IPT1020-SD IP telephone extends the functionality of Toshiba Strata CTX business communications systems to remote locations supported over an IP network. This allows users to take advantage of the features and capabilities of their office telephones from remote locations, such as home or regional offices.

Using the Toshiba IP telephone at a remote office extends the capabilities of the office telephone. For example, when a user make calls using the Toshiba IPT1020-SD IP telephone, it is set up so their number appears on Caller ID as their office number, even if they are calling from their home DSL line. Incoming calls to their office number come right to their Toshiba IP telephone, no matter where it is. As well, the message waiting light on the IP telephone lets users know when they have messages waiting.

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