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Five9 Transforms Call Center Operations for USCB

May 07, 2008

By Anuradha Shukla,
TMCnet Contributor

Medical and financial receivables company, USCB, is using Five9 Virtual Call Center to provide patient credit services for premier hospitals throughout California.
USCB is a long-time Five9 customer, and uses the application to execute inbound and outbound campaigns as required.
Pedro Guijarro, IT Manager, USCB explained that at any given time, they run multiple campaigns in several departments. Patients contact their call centers for account inquiries and invoice questions and USCB broadcast payment alerts and account status.

Noting that Five9 is very effective and reliable for their operations, Guijarro said that with management reporting tools, they measure their productivity each day. By analyzing call volume data, USCB re-directs agent queues to follow-up on the most critical collections. He added that delivering positive cash flow early in the account cycle impacts their clients’ bottom-lines.
Five9’s Chief Technical Officer, Jim Dvorkin pointed out that their solutions are used in the critical processes of collections and revenue recovery as well as patient inquiry, self-service, and invoice alerts. Through the years, USCB has fine-tuned its use to design and execute campaigns at a moment’s notice. He indicated that their easy-to-use, easy-to-manage system makes campaign operations productive and profitable.
“With each campaign, we find more ways to serve our hospital accounts to advance their patient contact and payment goals,” said Guijarro. He also emphasized that their business depends on effective tools in their call centers and that they provide the highest level of medical and financial receivable services to their clients.
Five9’s on-demand Virtual Call Center enables companies to build a comprehensive, feature-rich contact center without any hardware, software, or upfront capital expenditures. Five9's on-demand service not only provides cost savings but also allows for easy set-up and administration at single-site or distributed, multi-site centers.
Five9 is a global provider of on-demand call center software for telemarketing, customer service, and business continuity. Recently, American Ramp Company (ARC), a skatepark design and implementation provider chose Five9 to deliver its world-class Virtual Call Center.
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Anuradha Shukla is a contributing editor for TMCnet, covering call centers, CRM and information technology. To see more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.