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Alorica Turns to Verint to Hear VoC

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor
December 07, 2017

The use of analytics in the customer journey is a no-brainer. Data-driven decision making based on actionable insight gained via customer interactions and feedback is an easy and straightforward means to instantly improve operations. And recently, Alorica learned exactly how impactful analytics are capable of being.

Alorica announced it is augmenting its CX intelligence and advanced analytics capabilities with the addition of Verint’s (News - Alert) advanced Speech Analytics technology. The optimization of the customer journey is but a few clicks away.

The comprehensive Alorica portfolio already offers Fortune 500 brands a slew of tools, but now it adds the Verint Voice of the Customer speech technology and Verint’s Workforce Optimization suite into its CX intelligence and advanced analytics solutions.

“Using our digital platform, Alorica is poised to more deeply analyze the recordings of incoming client calls on a vast scale that’s unmatched by manual processes or random surveys,” says Jonathan Lerner, Verint senior vice president and general manager, Americas. “This means the leading BPO can share real-time intelligence with its clients to make informed decisions, enhance experiences, simplify engagement and be certain from nearly every call what its clients’ customers think, feel, want and need.”

Once deployed, companies can easily diagnose pain points along the customer journey – like ineffective self-service tools – and lower customer churn and call volume by boosting efficacy of the customer service team in place. Verint’s solutions get right to the root of the problem, and provide the level of actionable insight required to see exceptional results.

Alorica boasts a roster of clients that includes some of the top brands in the world, coupled with Verint’s expertise in delivering to organizations across industry this could turn into quite a prosperous pairing.

“Alorica is continually evaluating technologies to enhance the consumer experience while driving greater efficiencies and alignment with our clients’ goals,” says Jonathan Merrell, chief information officer at Alorica. “Verint’s suite supports those objectives and our commitment to transform the consumer experience through data and experiential analytics. We’re pleased to expand our relationship with Verint in support of our mission to create insanely great customer experiences on behalf of our clients.”

The customer journey is not something to take lightly. I feel like a broken record saying it, but with the contact center being the frontline for customer service why not outfit the team with the tools necessary to not just meet but exceed customer expectations?

How is your organization measuring VoC?