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Three Tips for Building a Winning Customer Care Team

By Susan J. Campbell, TMCnet Contributing Editor
August 15, 2016

How much value does your organization place on the customer experience? While a number of companies claim this is a priority, the way the customer is actually treated is where the truth lies. The company that sends out email reminders and then doesn’t monitor that email is one that missed a few things in the planning of their customer interactions, for instance. With 3rd party remote call monitoring, it may be a little easier to identify the problems.

A recent Provide Support blog covered the importance of a customer service team with top performance as a key priority. The customer is important to any business, especially one where the products vary little from those of the competition. Putting a clear strategy in place is important, and 3rd party remote call monitoring can help you identify whether or not your team is delivering on the expectations you’ve put in place.

First, you have to build the right customer care team. That means it’s critical to hire the right talent. The best talents to look for in building a solid team are soft skills as these individuals are better equipped to interact with people at varying stages of their lifecycle as a customer. To identify how well an applicant could interact with your customers, pay attention to the way they conduct themselves in the interview. Technical skills you can teach; soft skills have to already be in place.

Second, make sure you make training part of everyday life in the customer service environment. Not only do your new employees need access to meticulous training; you also need to provide ongoing opportunities to learn. Focus on the details so that even your seasoned employees continue to improve and expand their capabilities. Make sure that training supports the culture you’ve built so that employees feel they’ve become part of a team that’s making a difference for customers.

Finally, give your employees the power to make things happen for customers. That includes making them partners in what you’re trying to accomplish on a daily basis. By empowering your employees, you help them to become more vested in your overarching goals so that together, you can deliver on the higher expectations and create that differentiated experience that keeps customers coming back, time and again.

With 3rd party remote call monitoring in place, you’ll be better equipped to identify areas where processes are falling short, or individuals who still need more training and coaching. It will help you stay on track and keep everyone working toward the same wins.

Edited by Alicia Young


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