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New 'Altitude Strategy Center' Means Real-Time Benefits

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer
February 03, 2016

Keeping old customers as current customers is a vital part of any business operation. The cost of attracting new customers is staggering, so keeping the old ones is key to maintaining profitability. Altitude Software (News - Alert) may have just the thing to help, with its newest release of Altitude Strategy Center, a tool which now offers complete, real-time control for outbound marketing.

With Altitude Strategy Center, contact center management can better choose the right target for a call at the right time, right down to the time at which a call is dialed using key performance indicators (KPIs). Contact lists can be used across several different campaigns, and the call can be assigned to a particular agent based on skill, or based on certain other priorities. The campaign can be adjusted quickly thanks to real-time management features, and since the system can both support multiple contact lists and do-not-call lists at the same time, the end result is the best chance of a positive outcome every time. It's even possible to establish rules for dialing out as well as for call rescheduling.

Altitude's chief marketing officer David Romero offered up a statement: “Our Strategy Center helps companies become more efficient and more successful in their contacts and communications in sales, marketing and customer service. We enable contact centers to intelligently engage customers by delivering the right message, at the right time, using the right channel, and the right agent.”

Of course, it doesn't guarantee success so much as it helps provide the best chance of success. No software can accurately note when a customer will even be home to receive a call, and calling into an empty house—regardless of the agent's skills—is a sure road to a failed call. No one is a gifted enough sales rep to make someone purchase who isn't home. Sure, there are answering machines and voice mail, but a sales call left here is likely to die on the vine. When calling out at the proper times, however, it's likely that the sales calls will hit appropriately and deliver some reasonable returns, especially when the right rep is calling at the right time and with an appropriate set of skills and personality. It's actually a golden recipe, so the Altitude Strategy Center might be a tool many places are either considering or have brought into place. Plus, there's something to be said for the efficiency of knowing exactly who to call next instead of consulting a list to find that next call.

It's not a guarantee—sales calling has always been a numbers game—but tools like the Altitude Strategy Center can provide a much-needed edge in the field, giving call centers the best chance to make contact and make that contact into effective sales.



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