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Transform Your Call Center with Remote Call Monitoring

By Stefania Viscusi, Assignment Desk Editor
June 26, 2015

Contact centers today continue to be plagued by the need to improve performance and meet quality service standards. Never has customer service been such an important focus than today when so many companies are in the spotlight for negative interactions with customers plastered across the Web.

To help businesses ensure that their contact centers are delivering the quality they require at all times, there are tools that can record conversations as well as extract data, analyze it and offer tips for improvement. The more sophisticated tools even make it easier on decision-makers and managers to pinpoint areas for improvement and even gauge the success resulting from those changes. 

For many companies, the hardest decision is whether or not to bring in an on-site solution that needs to be managed and operated by dedicated staff who are already overwhelmed or to use a third-party remote call monitoring service like those offered by BPA.

BPA Quality has been in the business for many years and its offerings make it possible to improve call quality and customer service by measuring agent skills objectively for the call center.

Once the recording of calls are done, researchers who are experienced in the field then score the calls and offer accessible data for clients in near real-time. While this does cut down on costs and saves time for staff member in the call center, it’s also a great way for the company to get unbiased results for auditing customer experiences as well as important information for dispute resolution and even agent training.

At a time when companies cannot be short of any necessary tools at customer touch points, turning to a third-party provider for call monitoring just makes smart business sense, not to mention a great way to keep customers coming back. And isn’t that the whole point? 

Edited by Rory J. Thompson


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