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Together Housing Group Deploys intelligentDesktop Contact Center Solution from mplsystems

By Nathesh, TMCnet Contributor
November 21, 2013

Together Housing Group, a provider of affordable rented homes across the North of England, has selected the intelligentDesktop solution from mplsystems to optimize customer service operations across its five contact centers.

Together Housing Group has over ten different housing brands and manages customer calls from over 35,000 homes through its five contact centers. Until now, each of its partners had employed a separate telephony system to manage customer calls, thus hindering the process of working as a group. Together Housing wanted to realize the benefits of a cohesive group structure while, at the same time, maintaining the individual trademark of each partner.

Now with the intelligentDesktop and the multi-channel iContact solution from mplsystems, the Together Housing looks to do just that.

mplsystems, a provider of contact center and customer service software, explained that its intelligentDesktop is a unified agent desktop solution that is designed to improve the  customer experience by unifying multiple applications needed to resolve customer requests into a single, ‘smart’ agent friendly user interface. Meanwhile, the iContact solution blends multimedia contact handling with a suite of customizable campaign and customer service applications, incorporating all the ingredients of traditional contact centers solutions like ACD, IVR, call recording, scripting, reporting and workflow.

mplsystems explained that it worked closely with the customer service and IT teams of Together Housing Group to tweak the intelligentDesktop and iContact solutions to cater to their specific needs. With mplsystems’ solutions, the customer service teams were able to function as a single virtual contact center and realize faster response times while delivering consistent, quality customer service.

In a statement, Stephen Batley, head of customer service at Together Housing Group, said, “Each of the partners had a separate telephony system, which was clearly not suitable if we were to realize the benefits of the group structure. But it was vital that we maintained the local identity of each of the individual associations for customers. Now, thanks to the flexibility of the intelligentDesktop and the multi-channel iContact solution, we have one virtual customer contact center. This ensures that the customer is dealt with quickly and efficiently and the call handler has all the information needed to deal with the call.”

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