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Regpack Online Registration Software Upgraded for Dynamic Sharing of Data

By Shamila Janakiraman, TMCnet Contributor
November 05, 2012

Regpack, an online registration, enrollment and data management software firm, has introduced new features to its online offering which will let organizations share dynamic data with anyone.

The new features will also allow users to integrate their systems with external systems leveraging a single line of code.

It is expected that these capabilities will allow organizations to create alliances and partnerships to optimize marketing efforts. The technology was developed following doctoral-level research on computer languages and networks by founder, Asaf Darash, PhD.

“Sharing is the cornerstone of productivity, the most valuable information comes from databases gathering information from users, suppliers, partners and payments processors,” Darash said. “Every person inside or outside of the organization should have access to pertinent information to make appropriate decisions.”

The Regpack secure online interface allows small and mid-sized organizations to register users, enroll applicants, process payments and manage information. It offers an affordable, enterprise-level, analytical tool for organizations to view data conveniently.

Data trends and statistical insights will enable specific user groups to make valued decisions, said officials.

Although organizations were able to share documents, images and messages easily, they were unable to share specific sections of complex databases. Data is generally saved and created as relational units, and hence specific parts cannot be securely shared in a dynamic way. The new Regpack technology allows specific data to be shared with certain audiences or dispersed teams, as it takes any data subset and creates connections on an ad-hoc basis.

This enables dynamic data collaboration.

The new solution keeps information dynamic with constant updating, and collaborators will be able to view changes, analytics and reporting in real time. This collaboration tool grants an organization access to dynamic information from multiple sources to make quick and accurate decisions.

Regpack’s registration platform helps organizations integrate data collecting systems across the Web easily. Organizations previously blended Regpack’s data-gathering and registration system with clients’ websites and branding.

Now with one line of code, the new feature enhances collaboration, letting organizations create alliances for augmenting marketing efforts.

In May 2012, Regpack launched an easy way to gather and manage data online. The Regpack system adapts to the information entered by the end user, resulting in more completed applications and up to a 30-percent increase in user payments.

Just as well, the service includes an intuitive interface and statistical tools to understand user trends.

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