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Using 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring to Improve Customer Contact

By Chris Freeburn, TMCnet Web Editor
March 19, 2012

The moment of customer contact is intensely critical to any business. Actions taken in that moment will determine whether or not that customer becomes a loyal, repeat customer, a non-aligned consumer with no allegiance to your brand, or, worst of all, a disgruntled and hostile former consumer. Businesses should strive to avoid that last category of consumer altogether, especially in a world where the Internet has given every consumer a worldwide platform to broadcast negative information about your business.

How can businesses ensure that customer interaction with their call and contact center agents goes just right? 3rd party remote call monitoring solutions provide exactly that opportunity. Companies that have already installed call monitoring solutions don’t need to be told the benefits – the results become immediately clear. But company without those solutions installed need to understand just how 3rd party call monitoring brings direct and unambiguous advantages to accelerate your business and sales.

With 3rd party remote call monitoring, you move beyond just listening to your call and contact center agents as they interact with customers. The solutions make it clear to agents that they are being monitored. In itself, that has a positive effect on their call behavior. Still, just listening in on agent calls is not enough to garner all the benefits that 3rd party remote call monitoring can offer.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the 3rd party remote call monitoring solution, you need to deliver rapid response and feedback to the calls that you monitor. All feedback must make constructive points that provide real tips for improving customer-agent interactions and contain useful instructions. When offering your feedback, don’t get in the way of a call center agents chain of management command. You employ supervisors and managers in the call center for a reason. If feedback is to be given, channel it through them. 

Crossing the lines of communication will only result in confusion and undercut the authority of managers on the call center operations floor. Call center agents can only do so many things at once. Don’t burden them with feedback while they are trying to work through a large volume of calls. There will be time for review and assessment meeting later. Remember that most call center agents – like most employees – want to know how they can improve their performance. Helpful and constructive feedback will be well received if delivered in a timely and appropriate manner.

Any criticism of call center agent call behavior should be balanced and fair to the agent. If not, the agent will ignore it and suffer from a lack of motivation in dealing with further callers. Call center agents cannot win in every situation and not all callers can be mollified.  

BPA Quality offers 3rd party remote call monitoring solutions that allow call centers to implement benchmarking metrics and obtain a “big picture” view of how their operations are performing relative to their competitors. The company’s BPABuilder.Benchmarking allows for accurate measurement performance measurement and comparison.

Edited by Jennifer Russell


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