How Good Is Your Address Data?
Are You Really Sure?

Tuesday April 16, 2013
8:00am PT, 11:00am ET, 4:00pm London, 5:00pm CET


We all want clean, accurate, and correct address data. People, processes, and policies get in the way. Trying to obtain and keep high quality addresses for one country is hard enough. What do you do when you are faced with addresses in over 240 countries? Loqate has developed technology and products that enable organizations to raise the quality of one of their key assets, customer address data. Loqate addresses the issues that arise from different languages and character sets, over 130 different address formats worldwide, and many diverse sources of data.

What Attendees will learn:
  • The issues concerning addresses confronting organizations as they extend their global reach
  • The impact that increased address quality can have on customer satisfaction, customer retention, and revenue
  • How global address verification and geocoding works
  • The options and cost of integrating an address verification and geocoding engine with existing systems
Who should attend:
  • Managers who depend on accurate address data to run their global businesses
  • IT specialists who design, implement, and support customer-facing systems
  • Integrators and consultants who help organizations implement CRM technology
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Martin Turvey
CEO, Loqate

Geoff Roach
Vice President, Marketing, Loqate

Dominic Kemball
Customer Product Manager Loqate


Stefania Viscusi
Editor TMCnet