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September 2003


Motorola Computer Group
2900 South Diablo Way
Tempe, AZ 85282
Tel: 800-759-1107

Motorola Computer Group recently introduced the XIP68, a �universal� CompactPCI-based single-board computer, designed to operate as a host-slot controller or peripheral slot board and within bus-free systems such as those based on the CompactPCI Packet Switched Backplane (CPSB or PICMG 2.16) specification. The Motorola XIP68 offers a balance of performance, functionality, and flexibility so OEMs can use it as a common platform across their telecom applications. It features up to two 1 GHz Intel Pentium III processors, dual 10/100/1000BaseTX Ethernet -- via PCIMG 2.16 (CPSB) or rear transition module, up to 2GB of ECC protected SDRAM, multiple internal PCI busses to ensure I/O bandwidth, and up to two PMC sites for application specific modules.


8 Elkins Rd.
East Brunswick, NJ 08816
Tel: 888-200-ITOX

The GIC68-B revision controlled motherboard offers Internet telephony users the processing power of Intel�s Pentium III or Celeron processor, on-board audio, video, and up to four USBs. This microATX motherboard offers four PCI slots, on-board LAN, and digital video out. If you need a second LAN, or two additional COM ports ITOX offers a special order version, the GIC68-N, which is suitable for VoIP applications. ITOX motherboards are available for up to three years (perfect for long-term projects where certification is needed). ITOX is a leading provider of PC-based platforms/motherboards for Internet telephony applications.


Type 4F IPC
Elma Electronic Inc.
44350 Grimmer Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94538
Tel. 510-656-3400
Fax 510-656-3783

Today�s high-speed processors create higher frequencies, making EMC containment more challenging. The EMC solution of Elma�s Type 4F IPC enclosure is designed to provide up to 30db of attenuation at frequencies of up to 30 GHz. Designed to fit in 19� racks, the Type 4F is 4U high and only 445 mm deep (versions with a built-in depth of 545 mm and a 2U chassis for riser or low-profile cards will follow). The housing is designed for ATX and AT motherboards up to 14 slots (eight-, 10, and 12-slot versions are optional). It visibly accommodates three 5.25� CD-ROM and a 3.5� FDD cassette mechanism, as well as up to three more 3.5� HDD internally. The hot-dip galvanized finishing of the housing prevents corrosion.

The IPC enclosure is cooled via positive pressure with ducting to ensure maximum airflow to the cards, where it is needed. The heat build-up can optionally be monitored with a temperature sensor. Also, the front fan filter can be replaced fast and easily. The power supply units have 250W, 300W, 350W or 2 x 300W redundant options.

Diversified Technology, Inc.
476 Highland Colony Pkwy.
Ridgeland, MS 39157
Tel: 800.443.2667

Diversified Technology�s LBC-9116 PICMG 1.0 Rev. 2.2 compliant passive backplane SBC features an Intel Pentium M processor at 1.10 to 1.60 GHz (~12W to 24.5W) with Advanced Power Management including Enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology, dynamic frequency/voltage control, 1MB full L2 cache, the Intel E7501 chipset with power-optimized 400MHz front side (system) bus, and up to 4GB DDR200 low profile DIMMs, with full ECC support, on two sockets. Onboard are an integrated high-performance graphics controller with concurrent, independent CRT and LVDS support, dual 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T gigabit Ethernet auto-negotiating controllers, PCI Ultra DMA/100 IDE interface, CRT or Flat Panel video controller as well as Universal Serial Bus (USB 1.1) ports, serial/parallel ports, and floppy interface. An Ultra320 SCSI Hub Link 2.0 (1GB/s) daughter card is optional.

The LBC-9116 supports onboard PCI and PCI-X (used by GbE) buses as well as an off-board 32-bit/33MHz or 64-bit/66MHz PCI buss. A PCI to ISA bridge supports ISA bus mastering with up to 20-slot drive capability. At only 1.48 inches wide, it is accommodated in 1U/2U platforms and 4U multi-segmented passive backplane chassis.


Extreme Engineering Solutions, Inc.
7878 Big Sky Drive, Suite H
Madison, WI 53719
Tel: 608-833-1155

Extreme Engineering�s XCalibur1000 is a 6U CompactPCI board supporting Broadcom�s �Super E-Commerce Processor.� Known as the �Encryption Blade,� XCalibur1000 is powered by a single or dual IBM 750FX PowerPC and supports the PICMG 2.16 standard. The Broadcom Super E-Commerce Processor (BCM5821) offers encryption performance of 4,000 1,024-bit RSA transaction/second and 3,000 IKE negotiations/sec. Bulk SSL encryption and authentication performance is 300 Mbps and IPsec performance is 470 Mbps. Front panel serial and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports are complimented by dual PCI-X PMC module sites. Designed to support high-speed I/O, these PMC sites can be populated with SCSI320, FibreChannel or Myrinet PMC modules. For processor intensive applications, PrPMC�s can be added. XCalibur also auto-senses its slot location and can run in system or non-system mode, decreasing spares requirements for end users.

Utilizing technology from the high-volume PC laptop market, XCalibur 1000 provides dual SO-DIMM SDRAM sockets, supporting 128MB to 2GB of DDR memory running at 266MHz. For high-volume customers, Extreme encourages customer furnished memory to lower the total cost of ownership.


IPnexus ZT 5091e
Performance Technologies
205 Indigo Creek Dr.
Rochester, New York 14626
Tel: 585-256-0200

Performance Technologies� IPnexus ZT 5091e packet-switched chassis platform is part of the company�s IPnexus packet-based, embedded products line. The ZT 5091e is designed to provide equipment manufacturers and systems integrators with a standards-based platform solution built on the PICMG 2.16 and PICMG 2.9 specifications. With the addition of the ZT 5091e platform, the IPnexus family offers a complete line of products for the packet-switched backplane architecture, including chassis, Ethernet switches, system management modules, single board computers, network access adapters, SS7 signaling blades, and a host of communications protocols and development environments.

With one integrated chassis management module slot, one Ethernet switch slot and seven node slots transversely mounted in a 4U chassis, the ZT 5091e platform provides both high-density computing and integrated 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet support on the backplane. A chassis management module enables customers to manage all IPMI-based components and conduct chassis diagnostics remotely for enhanced system reliability.


Themis Computer
3185 Laurelview Ct.
Fremont, CA 94538
Tel: 510-252-0870

Themis Computer�s USPIIIi VMEbus computers incorporate Sun Microsystems UltraSPARC IIIi processors and a new system architecture and are designed to provide users with exceptional computing speed, graphics, and I/O capabilities. The new USPIIIi architecture delivers high data bandwidth, providing next-generation I/O performance for government, industrial, military, and commercial VME embedded processing applications. The USPIIIi is a multi-slot VME board assembly that implements a dual SMP UltraSPARC IIIi architecture. The USPIIIi may be configured with either one or two UltraSPARC IIIi CPUs.

The single CPU configuration consists of an I/O board and a CPU board assembly occupying two VME slots. An additional processor board is available as an ordering option; it connects to the first CPU board via the UltraSPARC IIIi processor local bus. A dual-CPU configuration occupies three VME slots. Although the I/O board includes a rich complement of I/O functionality, up to two additional 6U VME I/O boards may be configured with the base I/O board. The USPIIIi runs the Solaris 8 and Solaris 9 Operating Environments. The USPIIIi can also run 64-bit applications unmodified from the Solaris 7 Operating Environment, as well as 32-bit applications from previous versions of the Solaris Operating Environment, making these systems compatible with previous systems and software.


XDS H.110 CompactPCI 32-port station board
4800 Curtin Dr.
McFarland, WI 53558
Tel: 800-356-9224

AMTELCO XDS recently released the XDS H.110 CompactPCI 32-port station board. This board functions as an interface to analog telephones, and is ideal for applications where many ports are essential. The XDS H.110 CompactPCI 32-port station board is a battery feed port that supplies talk battery, applies ring voltage, message waiting voltage, and also supplies call progress tones and detects dial pulses. All normal line status and control functions are provided, and the on-hook and off-hook status is always available. This board includes DTMF detection and generation, energy detection for each port, local tone resources for each port, AGC and gain control for each port. A -48 volt power supply can be used to generate ringing and light message waiting lamps. Windows 2000, Windows NT, Linux, Solaris, and UnixWare drivers are included with the board.


Cepoint Networks, LLC
1W Otterson St.
Nashua, NH 03060
Tel: 603-883-7979

Cepoint�s Fault-Tolerance 1U (Model RS1007) and 3U (Model RS3000) AMD Opteron dual processor based turnkey rackmount servers for enterprise computing, telephony, and VoIP applications are available in Linux or Windows versions. RS1007 is a fault-resilient 64-bit 1U server with redundant hot-swappable power supplies and fault-tolerant features suitable for clustering in an enterprise computing environment. The system complements the company�s RAID storage, NAS, SAN, SCSI RAID servers, SATA RAID, and solutions for voice/audio data storage widely used in telephony and telecommunications applications. Model RS1007 and RS3000 servers and chassis are crafted with cooling systems, dual hot-swappable (460 watts x 2) redundant power supplies, and hot-swap storage drives featuring capacity up to 500GB with redundant hot-swappable power supplies and 3.5TB for the 3U version. Model RS1007 includes two built-in Gigabit LANs, optional Serial-ATA RAID or Dual Ultra320 SCSI ports features and ECC-registered DDR 333/266 memory up to 12GB.

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