Workforce Optimization Featured Articles
  • NICE Introduces NICE Engage Platform
    Real time analytics is an important tool for contact centers these days. It helps them to react faster to customer sentiments and create solutions on the spot for customer issues...
  • Millennials Share Secrets of How to Best Engage Them at Work
    Recent research shows an expectation that millennials will comprise 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025, and during the next 11 years, they will bring with them increased demands for various types of employee engagement...
  • Improved Solutions for SMB People-Management Unveiled
    A new suite of solutions designed to simplify payroll and employee tasks for small businesses, as well as provide tools for improving an employee's overall wellness in and out of the workplace, has just been rolled out...
  • Gallup: Engaged Employees Boost the Bottom Line
    Organizations are beginning to realize that creating a culture of engagement in the workplace is vital to harnessing the potential of its employees...
  • Digital Suggestion Box Brings Ideas Forward
    Every company wants to empower its employees and promises big when it comes to encouraging them to air their opinions...
  • Call Centers Should Tackle the US Employee Engagement Crisis
    There are many ways to build engaged employees, and these include setting realistic goals for them, understanding their strengths and building their jobs around them...
  • Stating the Obvious: To Succeed, Businesses Should Focus on Employee Engagement
    Finding a way to stem the tide against employee turnover boils down to being able to understand what motivates employees and understanding why people leave with exit interviews...
  • Research: Employees Who Lack Engagement Also Lack Loyalty
    A new survey says 83 percent of the workforce in North America plans to seek new employers in 2014. This staggering finding is supported by an annual Gallup Engagement Survey that shows workers are disengaged at an all-time high...
  • Smaller Companies Reaping Large Rewards from Contact Center Analytics
    Cloud-based analytics solutions are offering small contact centers some value. A recent report found organizations that make use of analytics solutions in their customer support operations saw greater customer satisfaction ratings...
  • Future of Employee Engagement: Like a Political Campaign?
    Although it is impossible to truly predict every aspect of the future, experience in an industry can provide some detailed insights that make a true prediction more likely...
  • Integrated Employee Engagement Survey Platform Launched
    Global professional services company Towers Watson has launched an integrated employee engagement survey platform. The new technology is designed to assist companies with analyzing and taking action on employee survey data...
  • Findings: Progressive Companies Boost Customer, Employee Engagement First
    We have a habit today of defining company success by financial terms. Strong growth companies are progressive, whereas companies that aren't posting massive gains are not, or so the thinking goes...
  • Most Employee Engagement Programs Never Truly Reach Employees
    Reams of studies have been produced that demonstrate to companies the value of having engaged workers. Workers who are somewhat engaged in their jobs are less likely to leave, taking valuable training and knowledge resources with them...
  • Survey: Technology Combined with People is Central to Success
    Money is important; it drives everything, including business, but can it ever be a replacement for people and technology? The answer is no...
  • Managing a Multigenerational Workforce: Less Talking, More Listening
    It's popular today to examine the working styles and preferences of different age group demographics in the U.S...
  • Gamification: A Word That Means the Future of Worker Engagement
    A new measure known as gamification may well prove that critical bridging point that helps get the various generations working together, according to new studies from the Daily FT...
  • NICE Systems Named Leader in Contact Center Workforce Optimization Market
    NICE Systems, a provider of software solutions, recently announced that DMG Consulting LLC has named the company as the worldwide leader in the contact center Workforce Optimization (WFO) market for the fourth consecutive year...
  • Help Employees Know When to Engage and When to Disengage
    We know how workforce management and optimization solutions can help a contact center manage employees when they're on the job and on the clock. It's worth giving a little thought to how it can help them when they're not working...
  • NICE Systems Unveils New Text-to-911 Logging Solution
    With the FCC promoting widespread adoption of Text-to-911, many U.S. carriers have been working to provide this capability for public safety answering point (PSAP) systems...
  • NICE Solutions Providing World Cup with Logistics Help
    The World Cup soccer tournament is arguably one of the largest sporting events in the world, running about even with the U.S.'s Super Bowl; it all depends on which fans are tabulating which numbers...
  • TrueBlue Acquires Seaton Corp in Multimillion-Dollar Deal
    Two companies that share the same goal of putting people to work and changing lives have now become one, thanks to a recent acquisition deal...
  • Making Workforce Management Work for You in the Back Office
    Getting the most out of your workforce involves more than making sure everyone arrives and leaves on time. In today's fast-paced business world, it's critical that staffing levels are maintained so that everyone is where they should be at peak times; nothing annoys customers that call in more than an interminable wait accompanied by cheesy, static-y music...
  • Cable Onda Swaps Manual Processes for Automated, Real-Time Field Optimization
    When it comes to the telecom biz, truck rolls are among the largest operational costs that companies face. It's also a customer service bugbear-nothing will turn off a customer faster than not showing up on time...
  • Cable Onda Swaps Manual Processes for Automated, Real-Time Field Optimization
    When it comes to the telecom biz, truck rolls are among the largest operational costs that companies face. It's also a customer service bugbear-nothing will turn off a customer faster than not showing up on time or in a timely manner, or requiring day-long window for service. Looking to cut both issues off at the knees, Panama's Cable Onda has implemented a cloud-based mobile workforce management solution from TOA Technologies to add sleekness to its field force operations...
  • How Workforce Optimization Enables Data-Driven Decisions
    While you may be tired of the use of the term Big Data, the reality is that data can help you with workforce optimization in a way that impacts the bottom line...
  • Optimizing the Hospitality Workforce
    While the contact center industry is one of the biggest users of workforce optimization solutions, many other industries have benefited from workforce optimization solutions, as well...
  • New Report Reveals Opportunities and Challenges Technology Offers in the Workplace
    Individuals and organizations are looking to change the way in which they use technology at home as well as the workplace. This has introduced new challenges for creating and maintaining a reasonable work-life balance as smartphones, tablets and home computers have made everyone accessible 24 hours a day. While this provides great opportunities for individuals that want to work 20 hours a day and businesses that want to deliver the option, the question is how is it impacting employees and organizations alike? A new position paper by Orange Business Services, the consultancy Sia Partners and Harris interactive explore the opportunities and challenges digital technology presents employees and the companies they work for...
  • Forecast Sees a Buoyant Workforce-Management Market
    There's a lot that businesses have to do today to remain competitive, because mobility has become the byword and the shifting communication landscape has modern solutions replacing traditional ones...
  • Transforming the Back Office with Workforce Management
    For decades, contact centers have been using workforce management to ensure they have the right human resources available at the right time in order to ensure that customer service standards are kept high and service levels are met. Over the years, however, workforce management has changed greatly. Once handled manually by a scheduling expert, workforce management is often trusted to a professional solution today. The advantages are enormous: more historical data can create better and more accurate schedules, and workforce management solutions can take into consideration a host of factors that often escape human effort. Contact centers can build better, more realistic schedules and ensure they have the resources to support them...
  • Telogis Appointment Assures Timely, Accurate Product Delivery
    Telogis, a cloud-based software platform that manages mobile resources, introduced Telogis Appointment this week, the latest addition to the Telogis Route Planning Suite...
  • Abaqus Releases 'Zero Touch' Mobile Workforce Management and Optimization Solution
    The myGeoTracking service intelligence from Abaqus, Inc. now blends the features of geo-fencing and workflow automation, and is available as a near 'zero-touch' mobile workforce management and optimization option...
  • As Companies Go Global, Different Customer Types Need Recognition
    For banks that deal with many customers all over the world, such as the United Arab Emirates' Emirates NBD, what works for one customer may not work for another...
  • The Value of Workforce Optimization
    Employees who are loyal to your brand save you money. Not only are they well-trained on product knowledge, processes and your key customers, they also have the same goals in mind...
  • Disconnect: Perception vs. Reality of Customer Service
    Recent research says there are some companies that offer lousy customer service on purpose. If it's not on purpose, it's certainly within the realm of being fixable … but the companies don't seem that interested in fixing it...
  • Optym Expands Scheduling Software with $4.8 Million Investment
    Scheduling giant Optym is expanding its services to include city planning and automation software by adding 100 new jobs in Gainesville, Fla, and investing nearly $5 million in the industry...
  • Why Workforce Optimization is Healthy for the Bottom Line
    If employees aren't trained according to a proven policy, empowered to handle the needs of the customer and rewarded for making a positive impact, it's likely your customers aren't enjoying anawesome experience...
  • Text-to-Talk Goes to the Cloud with Phillips SpeechScribe Transcription Service
    What is the problem with speech recognition systems that leave us laughing at texts and shouting at automatic attendants? Speech experts cite the speed and flexibility of the human mind as they key...
  • How Can Workforce Optimization Help Improve the Customer Experience?
    The ultimate goal of any good company is to deliver the level of quality service that knocks your customers' socks off and sets the standard way too high for the competition to touch...
  • NICE Systems Named WFM Leader by DMG Consulting
    NICE Systems, a provider of software solutions, has been named the contact center workforce management (WFM) market leader by DMG Consulting LLC in the 2014 Contact Center Workforce Management Report. The company has been recognized for the seventh year in a row...
  • Study: Best Practice Sales-Coaching Programs Can be Effective
    A recent study shows that while close to 90 percent of organizations provide some sort of coaching to their salespeople, 65 percent of such programs are considered ineffective...
  • NICE Receives Customer Value Leadership Award for Customer Contact Center Big Data Applications
    NICE Systems has received the 2014 North America Customer Value Leadership Award for Customer Contact Center Big Data Applications...
  • NICE Systems Wins 2014 North America Customer Value Leadership Award
    Global analyst and consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan recently recognized NICE Systems with the 2014 North America Customer Value Leadership Award for Customer Contact Center Big Data Applications...
  • What to Do to Get the Most Out of Your Contact Center Team
    Some feedback suggests that from a pure ROI perspective, spending your dollars on the performers in the middle of the curve (address the mediocre) represents the biggest opportunity for impact, because it is usually the largest group in a normal distribution. If you can move the middle 1 percent, you will see the largest impact...
  • Contact Center Agents Likely to Take Gamification Seriously
    Plenty of people enjoy playing online and other interactive games. This is especially true for those who belong to the Millennial Generation, those born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. They are also known as Generation Y, and many grew up playing such games...
  • Sinclair Voicenet to Supply and Install New Voice Recording System for North Lincolnshire Council
    North Lincolnshire Council recently selected Sinclair Voicenet, a provider of multimedia interaction recording, quality management, interaction analytics and workforce management solutions, to install a NICE voice recording system designed to help capture, manage and store calls for two different departments...
  • ASC Launches neo 3.0, Workforce Optimization Suite Customized for Cloud Solutions
    ASC, a provider of solutions to record, evaluate and analyze communications, recently announced the launch of neo 3.0, its latest cloud-based workforce optimization (WFO) solution. The newly launched version of the application suite features quality and performance management, speech and desktop analytics, communications recording, eLearning/coaching, customer feedback and workforce management capabilities. It is available for deployment in a multi-tenanted Cloud-based offering, allowing for cost savings, fast and easy deployment, and low entry barriers...
  • NICE Systems Receives Two 2014 Product of the Year Awards from CUSTOMER Magazine
    Today, consumers have many different options when it comes to voicing their opinions about a particular product or service they purchase. This means organizations have to be able to manage several different touch points in order to address any and all concerns from customers (and to respond to negative comments that can potentially have a significant impact on the company before it goes viral). Managing these concerns in house can be both resource intensive and very expensive. The best course of action is to find a company that has been recognized for delivering quality customer service related solutions and take full advantage of their services...
  • VXI Global Solutions Selects HireIQ to Automate, Improve Applicant Selection Process
    In order to increase hiring efficiency and to ensure consistency and compliance in the recruitment process, VXI Global Solutions, a customer experience and information technology outsourcer, has selected HireIQ Solutions, a provider of predictive analytics and virtual talent acquisition solutions for customer-facing organizations...
  • Separating Good Customer Effort from Bad Customer Effort
    One of the first interactive social media-based campaigns the marketing world observed came in advance of the release of the movie, "The Golden Compass." Legions of new Facebook users were encouraged to take tests to find what their "daemon," or animal spirit companion was, sharing the results with friends. While many more clever campaigns have followed, it remains many people's first experience of being willing to expend effort on what was clearly a marketing campaign...
  • Western Union Taps NICE Systems to Improve Its Customer Experience
    Western Union Company has turned to NICE Systems' Customer Interaction Management solutions in search of a superior customer experience. Indeed, NICE's solutions are designed to help companies leverage customer insights to deliver an enhanced experience across their entire customer service department. In the case of Western Union, the company is hoping to enhance its global Customer Care Centers...
  • Sinclair Voicenet Debuts QM Plus for Contact Centers
    Sinclair Voicenet has launched QM Plus, a new analytics-enabled quality management solution designed to serve the needs of the contact center. The UK-based company is a provider of multimedia interaction recording, quality management, interaction analytics, customer feedback and workforce management solutions...
  • NICE Systems Lands Among and Atop Fast Company's Innovation Rankings
    For NICE Systems, February 12 was a pretty big day indeed, as the company landed a string of honors in rankings undertaken by Fast Company magazine. Not only did it manage to place well on a broad list, but it also managed to place at the top of a much narrower heap, giving the company plenty of reason to smile...
  • NICE Systems Sees Record Revenues in 2013
    NICE Systems, a provider of workforce optimization solutions, recently announced its fourth quarter and full year results. The company reported that it earned $951 million in 2013, seven percent higher than what it earned in 2012. Also, its bookings surpassed $1 billion, while cash from operating expenses equaled $155 million. Based on this income, the earnings per share amounted to a whopping $2.58...
  • Study Finds Over Half of Contact Centers Schedule Non-phone Channels Manually
    Contact centers have been employing at least some sort of methodology to predict and meet call volume since the earliest days of the call center in the 1950s. While it was probability algorithms worked out on graph paper in the earliest days, today, modern workforce management, scheduling and forecasting software is used to examine historical trends and other data to make predictions about future call volume...
  • Don't Be Left in the Cold: Preparing for Winter Weather is Critical for Customer Service Success
    The Northeast has certainly seen its fair share of snow this winter. This week alone may have given residents their fill for the year. Wisely, many employees choose to stay home during such winter events, or are simply unable to make it due to road and rail conditions. Moreover, winter storms can often bring about power outages, which can hinder even a fully-staffed office. Organizations in the area no doubt found themselves in something of a precarious situation, as falling snow also means rising call center volume...
  • NICE Systems Finds New CEO in Barak Eilam
    By the end of April, 2014, a major shift will have taken place in the confines of NICE Systems, as the current president of NICE Americas, Barak Eilam, will step up to take over as the company's CEO. Eilam will be replacing Zeevi Bregman, who earlier announced plans to step down so he could take up more "personal interests." This leaves the company staring at what may be a big change...
  • Optimizing Forecast Accuracy in the Contact Center
    In the contact center, one of the biggest pain points is scheduling and forecasting. A few decades ago, these workforce optimization processes were carried out with manual calculations on spreadsheets, using historical data and complex algorithms that give most people headaches just looking at them...
  • Envision Introduces Click2Coach Cloud WFO Solution
    Envision, a provider of workforce optimization software, has announced the launch of Click2Coach Cloud, a cloud-based application offering recording, evaluation, coaching and agent analytics...
  • ScheduleBase Now Features Multiple Site Schedule Management
    Atlas Business Solutions, Inc, a developer of business management software, recently updated its ScheduleBase employee scheduling solution with a new feature that allows businesses to manage individual schedules for multiple locations...
  • Making the Argument for the Unified Desktop
    The contact center agent is a coveted individual in the business world, as he or she has very little to do within a given shift, relying on the whiles of bored coworkers to pass the time - right? If this were really the case, wouldn't we all want the job? The truth is, agents have more to juggle in less time than most of us, and they have to do it while keeping countless customers happy...
  • For Better Contact Center Productivity, Learn to Manage Agent Stress
    In a contact center, there are many assets, but none of them are as critical (or cost as much) as the agents themselves. These are the people who talk to customers on a daily basis, acting as the critical front line and the brand ambassador for the company. So why do so many companies treat their contact center agents like they are expendable?..
  • NICE Systems Bookings Topped $1B in 2013
    NICE Systems, a provider of workforce optimization solutions, apparently had quite the 2013, as the company has announced that it surpassed $1 billion in bookings during the year. This is the first time in its history that NICE has topped the $1 billion mark and it will likely affect its projections for 2014...
  • NICE Systems Opens European Data Center
    NICE Systems, a leading provider of workforce optimization solutions, has announced that it has opened a new cloud data center in the United Kingdom that will serve the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region...
  • Uptivity Debuts New Gamification System with Uptivity Discover Suite 5.3
    Uptivity, a provider of workforce optimization (WFO) solutions, stated that it has released a new contact center gamification solution as part of its Uptivity Discover Suite 5.3 WFO platform...
  • How to Ensure Workforce Optimization Delivers the Desired Results
    There's often a difference between customer service expected and customer service delivered. This is true not just for the customer, but also for managers trying to train the workforce to perform according to expectations. As such, true workforce optimization means more than just giving employees a few good tips. Customer service from the call center perspective needs a little more...
  • Workforce Optimization Offers Multiple Advantages to Small Contact Centers
    Workforce management is not a new idea - no doubt the ancient Egyptians and the Romans even had their own methodologies for keeping track of who was working when, how much he worked, and when the optimum time for him to work again might be...
  • The Data is There for Contact Centers That Know Where to Look
    Contact centers generate a lot of data, almost the definition of big data. But much of this data is not used, or is underutilized, a new study by The International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) suggests...
  • FMSI Increases Sales Activity at Macatawa Bank during Staff Downtime
    Financial Management Solutions (FMSI) provides business intelligence solutions to banks and credit unions. Their key offerings include The Teller Management System (TMS), The ContactCenter Management System (CMS), and the Lobby Tracking System (LTS)...
  • Workforce Optimization Can Prevent 'Customer Rage'
    You've heard of, and probably even experienced "road rage." We're all familiar with "packaging rage" as we struggle to get into shrink-wrapped products that would appear to be encased in seemingly bullet-proof plastic that rivals Kevlar in strength. How about "customer rage"?..
  • NICE Predicts Contact Center Resolutions for the New Year
    With the holiday shopping season drawing quickly to a close, businesses no doubt find their contact centers inundated with customer requests, questions, and complaints. However, with the end of the holidays also comes the start of a new year, which means taking a step back and planning for change...
  • The Home-based Agent, Properly Managed, Is a Viable Alternative to Offshore Outsourcing
    The home-based contact center agent is a bit of phenomena today. While the call center industry is fairly similar the world over - customers are customers and generally want the same things - the home-based agent model would appear to be a uniquely American thing...
  • NICE Systems Named Workforce Optimization Leader by Industry Analysts
    NICE Systems, a provider of workforce optimization technology, has been recognized by a number of major industry analyst firms, including DMG and Gartner, for its integrated, cloud-based approach to workforce optimization...
  • Management Challenges of Moving from the Contact Center to the Back Office
    Contact center managers face unique challenges in the workplace. Ostensibly, they are there to ensure that the contact center meets its goals, operates according to preset metrics and performs to the best of its ability to serve customers. In reality, however, contact center managers often find themselves doing not only these things, but acting as chief troubleshooter, personal therapist, headset-fixer, computer problem solver, referee, social planner and blame-taker...
  • NICE Systems Receives STAR Award
    NICE Systems has announced that the Technology Services Industry Association has presented it with the STAR award for Innovation in Enabling Customer Success, Professional Services...
  • OneRoof Deploys ClickWorkforce via AppExchange
    Solar services provider OneRoof Energy has deployed ClickSoftware's ClickWorkforce via the Salesforce AppExchange. The company chose to deploy ClickWorkforce in response to an increasing market demand for affordable solar leasing solutions...
  • All Hands on Deck: Manning a Contact Center in the Event of a Crisis
    Many companies pride themselves on the nature of the customer support they provide. They have well-run facilities, well trained agents and their customers report high satisfaction rates. But what happens when the power goes out? Or, as in the case with a contact center for Fairbanks, Alaska's Golden Valley Electric Association, what happens when all your customers' power goes out and they take to the phones en masse?..
  • Cloud Computing Magazine Gives 2013 Cloud Computing Excellence Nod to NICE Systems
    NICE Systems had quite a coup to announce recently, as word emerged that the company had landed the 2013 Cloud Computing Excellence Award from Cloud Computing magazine. More specifically, it was recognized for its workforce optimization (WFO) suite of tools. Since NICE's WFO suite is designed to operate wholly from the cloud, users a treated to a wide variety of operational and cost benefits, making it quite the pick for those eager to better manage a workforce...
  • NICE Systems Tests Next Generation 911 Interoperability
    NICE Systems has announced at the NENA (National Emergency Number Association) ICE 8 conference that its Next Generation 911 recording solutions are now interoperable with a number of other vendors...
  • How to Leverage the Review Process for Workforce Optimization
    What is the best way to keep employees on task and focused on the ultimate goal for the organization? A clear workforce optimization strategy is a great first step. The challenge, however, is in developing that strategy around your particular environment. In the call center, performance monitoring and review is a great method to embrace...
  • Kronos Merges Enterprise Social Networking and Workforce Management
    Kronos, a provider of workforce management solutions in the cloud, has unveiled a social networking forum designed to enable employees and managers to collaborate and build consensus, motivate and recognize employees; and streamline operations within the Kronos workforce management platform. Kroonos social networking and collaboration will be available in December as an optional module for the Workforce Central 7 platform...
  • NICE Systems Further Aids Indonesian Bank in Improving Customer Experience
    PT Bank Permata Tbk, a private bank in Indonesia also known as PermataBank, has decided to expand its current implementation of NICE Systems solutions in its contact centers. In particular, the bank will now add NICE's Service-to-Sales, Workforce Optimization and PCI Compliance solutions to its existing roster in order to better address the changing needs of its customers while lowering costs...
  • Grapevine and Akira Join to Offer Wavelength Workforce Manager Solution
    Grapevine has entered into a co-marketing partnership with Akira in order to deliver to organizations of all sizes HR applications that are flexible and customizable to serve their needs...
  • Using Gamification to Build More Engaged Contact Center Employees
    In the ongoing effort to provide customer engagement - the true goal of most successful contact centers today - companies often skip a step: attaining employee engagement. Customer engagement cannot be a viable goal for any company until it has succeeded in attaining employee engagement first. Disinterested, apathetic contact center agents will never inspire loyalty or leave customers with a warm, fuzzy feeling that their business is valued and that they truly are important to the organization...
  • NICE Workforce Management Tool Lands Frost & Sullivan Honors
    It's always gratifying to see hard work rewarded, and in NICE Systems' case, it got a nice slice of gratification indeed by way of the folks at Frost & Sullivan, who gave the nod to NICE Workforce Management system for its 2013 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Market Share Leadership Award in Workforce Management Systems...
  • Intelecom Integrates Verint Workforce Optimization in Cloud Contact Center Solution
    Intelecom, a provider cloud contact center technology, announced that it has integrated Verint Impact 360 Workforce Optimization (WFO) software as a cloud-based solution into Intelecom Connect...
  • Effective Strategies for Workforce Optimization
    As much as you rely on your workforce to promote the value of your brand, keep processes moving in a positive direction and drive revenue, you can't afford for optimization to fall off the priority list. With so much to do in a given day, however, it's easy to assume that some things will take care of themselves. Unless you've put a robust workforce optimization program in place, great attention is needed...
  • ClickSoftware to Help Telecom Namibia Enhance Efficiency of Field Technician Scheduling
    Telecom Namibia, the national telecommunications operator of Namibia, is hoping to enhance customer service and maximize its field technicians' efficiency with the help of the scheduling and mobility solutions from ClickSoftware...
  • Let the Computer Work for You
    This might sound strange, but computers were once championed as a way to drive efficiency. Long before they were tools of communication, computers were meant to save time by handling repetitive tasks and making our lives easier. We just lost our way somewhere along the line. But with workforce optimization software, the computer can again drive actual efficiency...
  • Air China Selects NICE Workforce Management to Improve Operational Efficiency
    Air China recently implemented the workforce management solution from NICE Systems, a provider of workforce optimization solutions, to enhance efficiency across its five contact centers...
  • NICE Systems Helping Air China Streamline its Service Operations
    Air China is hoping to streamline the operations of its five contact centers by using NICE Workforce Management (WFM) which is part of NICE's Workforce Optimization suite...
  • How to Leverage the True Value in Workforce Optimization
    What is the best way to optimize your workforce? Is it appropriate to simply launch a motivational strategy and hope employees step up their game? Incentives may work, but do employees really know why they need to perform at a certain level? And, once they reach that level, are they satisfied with their performance?..
  • There's No Customer Engagement without Employee Engagement
    Contact centers today have a mandate: delight customers via any channel they choose in the timeliest way possible. Reach out to them when appropriate, and anticipate their needs if you can. Ensure they remain loyal customers by offering them value. The practice is called customer engagement, and businesses all over the world are spending a great deal of money to try and further the idea in their businesses...
  • Happy Customer Experience Day!
    Did you know that a modest improvement in customer experience over three years for a $1 billion firm can generate more than $380 million in revenue? Or that, after experiencing poor customer service, 64 percent of customers are not likely to repurchase from that company?..
  • Effective Employee Optimization a Key to Success
    It is easier to install the latest automation software than focus on improving the employee, but that's what businesses must do...
  • Latest Version of KnoahSoft's Comprehensive WFO Suite Now Available
    KnoahSoft, a workforce optimization solutions provider, recently introduced the latest version of its comprehensive WFO suite, Harmony...
  • Voice Print Technology Means Fast and Reliable Customer Authentication
    Every time you read about a criminal successfully stealing someone else's identity and impersonating a victim, you get to wondering: with all the bells and hoops I have to jump through today to get into my own accounts, how are criminals managing this?..
  • NICE Analytics Solutions Recognized for Multichannel Customer Service Excellence
    The importance of delivering customer service across multiple channels is just as big as having a contact center at all...
  • Adtech Global Now Authorized to Service Avaya WFO
    Adtech Global is a valued business partner that delivers technical expertise and does away with technology hassles with its highly scalable blend of services. By becoming an Avaya Services Only Implementation Partner (SOIP), it has added to its repertoire of skills that have been proven to enhance a company's customer service...
  • Gamification for Workforce Efficiency
    Gamification is a theory that is gaining popularity in the business world as well as education and related instructional fields. The general premise of gamification is to take boring work and use basic ideas from game design to incentivize it with intrinsic rewards rather than extrinsic rewards. Older programs with extrinsic rewards are things such as commissions, rewards for best performance in a quarter, or just general employee-of-the-month. Intrinsic rewards are things that are part of the game, but make it more fun to play...
  • Astea International Unveils Astea Alliance 11.0
    Astea International, a provider of software solutions for service lifecycle management, stated that its newly released Astea Alliance 11.0 has been tweaked to cater to the ever-changing demands of global service organizations and at the same sets new standards for service management and mobile workforce solutions...

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