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REVE Systems Discusses Advances in Mobile VoIP, Plans for 2014

December 27, 2013

By Stefania Viscusi, Assignment Desk Editor

As the number of users with a mobile phone continues to climb across the globe, new technologies and solutions that make calling and communicating with those devices easier and more affordable, are introduced regularly.

These solutions promise to deliver faster, more reliable communications at a fraction of the price traditional mobile carriers would charge for the same communication. This is where Mobile VoIP comes into play. With Voice over IP via a mobile device, users are empowered to call farther distances and talk for longer periods of time without fearing exorbitant fees.

REVE Systems is one player in this market delivering mobile VoIP solutions to users and service providers across the globe that includes SMS, Mobile Top Up and a host of other Value Added Services (VAS).

I recently caught up with Sanjit Chatterjee (News - Alert), director of Global Marketing at REVE Systems to discuss the innovations the company has made in this last year and along and what the plans are for 2014.

The full interview is printed below.

Looking back at 2013, can you highlight some of the most important advancements that emerged in the market you serve? 

The last year has been filled with activities in the VoIP market. Some of the most important advancements include:

1. VoIP Traffic is growing more than traditional telephony due to increased usage of internet & smartphone penetration.

2. Mobile chat/ Mobile IM usage has increased - in fact it has already surpassed the traditional SMS;

3. Mobile Top Up is getting more acceptance as is micro gifting.

What were your company’s biggest achievements/ announcements in the past year?

Our product iTel Mobile Hybrid Dialer has gained very high expectation across the U.S. & U.K. regions. 

Also, our iTel Mobile Hybrid Dialer received the Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award from TMC (News - Alert) and the editors of INTERNET TELEPHONY and CUSTOMER magazines.

Many service providers have also reported that they are getting good response from their clients as they are able to offer mobile VoIP services and calling cards facility on a single platform with this application.

Looking back at 2013, how would you characterize the year for your company?

The year 2013 has been challenging, with many new trends in the VoIP market. We have been able to transform our business accordingly and made many new innovations according to the market requirements.  As discussed earlier, we have developed the iTel Mobile Hybrid Dialer application, which has proved profitable for service providers who wants to offer both VoIP calling as well as calling cards to their customers. This innovative mobile application has also enabled us to increase our revenue and attain higher market share in Europe, the U.S. and African regions. We have also added many new features in the Mobile VoIP suite such as Auto Provisioning, which is a mobile number sign-up.

In the softswitch sector, we have added advanced switch & reseller partitioning features to our softswitch ‘iTel Switch Plus’ which provides more flexibility and advantages to our customers.

You can get more information regarding these by visiting our website

What are you planning for 2014?

In our pursuit towards giving more services over IP, we are adding the suite of Instant Messaging & file transfer to our portfolio, so that service providers can launch Instant Messaging across multiple mobile operating systems. This means an Android phone user can chat with an iPhone user or a Symbian (News - Alert) user -or a Windows Mobile user.

Our wholesale carrier grade switch, the REVE Session Controller (RSC) will also get more features, which will enable service providers to handle large volume of voice traffic more efficiently.

What is your message for those who want to start their own VoIP business?

With the increasing smartphone penetration and the usage of mobile internet (3G, 4G and Wi-Fi), Mobile VoIP is constantly gaining ground. Apart from low cost calls, Mobile VoIP facilitates IP Calls, SMS, Mobile Top Up and a host of Value Added Services (VAS).

According to Juniper Research (News - Alert), there will be over one billion Mobile VoIP subscribers by 2016. In order to cater to the requirements of this industry, we estimate that additional 10,000 service providers are required. So our message would be that now is the best time to get into the IP communication service industry. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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