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Cincom Synchrony Included in ScionASP's Hosting Services

June 08, 2006

By Stefania Viscusi,
Assignment Desk Editor

Cincom Systems and ScionASP  announced today an agreement for ScionASP to include Cincom's Synchrony solution in their hosting services. They will also partner, as part of the agreement, to market and deliver technology solutions for the hosted contact center market.
Cincom's Synchrony is a unified agent desktop solution that allows agents to be more efficient by combining various applications, resources and systems into the agents desktop-- enhancing productivity and increasing customer satisfaction.
A recent news release highlighted the following functionalities and enhancements offered to users with the inclusion:
-Increased Productivity and Efficiency
With Synchrony's Universal View, agents have the information they need right at their fingertips and are able to provide customers with faster, better responses. The consistent interface also makes it easier to train agents.
-Cost Savings
For contact centers, the hosted solution means cost savings. "A recent total cost of ownership analysis by the Yankee Group shows that deploying the hosted model has distinct cost advantages during a three-year period," noted the release.
Eliminating downtime is a goal for all call centers, because downtime creates unhappy customers and revenue losses.
"ScionASP's secure and reliable hosting center makes it affordable and feasible for small-to-medium sized businesses to operate superior contact centers 24 hours a day, seven days a week" commented Shawn Reynolds, Director of Cincom's Customer Experience Management Products.
-Predictable Costs
The new combination of Synchrony and ScionASP provides users with a fixed, per-user-per-month fee explained Michael Barnes Founder and CEO of ScionASP.
With the inclusion of Synchrony, users will also "benefit from recovering analytics and real-time reports on their contact center performance and the ability to use Synchrony with voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) technology all for a flat predictable cost due to ScionASP's hosting services," noted the release.
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