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One Cavo CORE Announces Drip Marketing for Outbound Agents

October 30, 2013

By Mandira Srivastava,
TMCnet Contributor

One Cavo, an outsourced lead response, distribution, incubation and reporting company based in Denver, has introduced customizable Intelligent Drip Marketing to help brokers and agents quickly generate and respond to more leads.

Drip marketing is a communication strategy that includes a pre-written set of messages that are sent out at specified time intervals. The company is best known for its CORE customer relationship management and contact center platform that transforms web platforms into profit centers for brokers.

CORE combines real estate CRM with call center applications, utilizing a Denver-based contact and conversion center to boost conversion rates by 6-10 percent by using 15 minutes of lead response and drip marketing. CORE interacts through live conversations with consumers before they warm-transfer them to a real estate agent, thus enhance the broker’s ability to increase and measure lead conversion rates.

Bradley Miller, founder and president of One Cavo said in a statement, “The majority of consumers will use the first brokerage responding to them. An often overwhelming problem for brokerages is that many of these consumer inquiries come in months before they might be ready to make a move. Understandably, most agents just don’t want to wait. By responding quickly on behalf of our clients, and then targeting follow up messages specifically to the home buyer or seller, brokers and agents communicate to consumers that they are dedicated to quality service and an exceptional experience.”

CORE’s platform has pre-populated, high-visual, low word campaigns for its broker clients. While earlier, most brokerages found it tough to develop and implement systems to quickly capture information that will enable them offer a highly personalized transaction experience, now brokers can configure a campaign that is directed at first time buyers and is relevant to the first purchase of a home.

Edited by Blaise McNamee