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Columbus' Data Collection Studio 2013 Offers Remote Access to Business Systems via Mobile Devices

February 25, 2013

Columbus recently announced the introduction of the Data Collection Studio 2013. The latest offering from Columbus has been developed as a robust software solution for manufacturers, retailers, and distributors and is capable of providing remote access to business systems via handheld and mobile devices. Based on Microsoft (News - Alert) Dynamics AX 2012, Data Collection Studio 2013 has been designed for company specific customization. 

In a statement, Global Industry Director Guido van Osch said that, “We have built Data Collection Studio 2013 to help companies take people and processes to the next level of effectiveness without any technology acceptance challenges. For that reason, the solution is very user friendly. We have designed the solution to deliver an excellent, productive user experience. It offers a Windows 8 style interface and text-to-speech technology to be highly convenient and practical for workers.”

Columbus’ Data Collection Studio 2013 has been designed as a part of its Supply Chain Solutions which provide customers simplified warehousing and logistics support

Since the Data Collection Studio 2013 can easily integrate with a company’s business system, mobile devices can be connected directly to business systems and the user can benefit from quick remote access to a wide range of standard business system features which include inbound and outbound logistics and warehouse management.

Warehouse and manufacturing workers leveraging Data Collection Studio 2013 can easily register transactions. So information about a receipt of goods over handheld (PDA’s) or mobile devices is quickly registered and is available for access across the company. The main responsibility of Data Collection Studio 2013 is to deliver fast and cost effective data that is collected from remote locations to enhance the supply chain of a company.

As a leading international consultancy, Columbus has been providing advanced business applications designed for the retail, food and manufacturing industries.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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