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DealNet Capital's BPO Reaches Agreement with Ontario Public Service Association

December 12, 2012

DealNet Capital's BPO (business process outsourcing) unit has reached an agreement with an Ontario Public Service Association.

The deal comes shortly after the subsidiary also announced its intent to provide customer care services to the National Home Improvement Installer Group.

The BPO subsidiary, known as OC Communications Group (OCCGI), received a renewal and extension for the Ontario Public Service Association. The contract was to expire on Jan. 31, 2013, and is now extended until June. The association can make up to 19 months of additional contract extensions.

"We are excited to announce that the consistent results provided by our BPO team in Toronto have culminated in this renewal and the opportunity to continue to further develop this business," said Bob Cariglia, DealNet president. "Servicing the needs of such a highly visible and regulated client can be challenging, however, we have been extremely pleased with our working relationship with the client that has resulted in this early contract renewal."

DealNet Capital is a merchant bank that has made many investments in the North American BPO market and the consumer financing market.

OCCGI will provide support and issue resolutions for the association's membership.

"Adhering to these requirements ensures the safety of its membership base that includes HVAC companies, elevator installation and operations, gas handling and various other trade industries," DealNet said in a statement.

Under the association deal, the BPO will provide a base for the One Dealer business in the North American HVAC and water heater financing sector.

DealNet wants to bring together over 80,000 small and intermediate dealers in the North American HVAC and water heater rental industry.

Under the other deal, OCCGI will provide design, consulting, implementation, onsite staffing and operational management for the group’s customer care facility.

OCCGI will use a hybrid model to structure outsourcing and co-sourcing programs to meet customer requirements. OCCGI will offer design, consulting, implementation, onsite staffing and operational management for their customer care facility under the three-year agreement, TMCnet reported.

DealNet Capital also recently took over the operations of OCCGI. 

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