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Genpact Takes Business Relationship to Next Level with RightAnswers, Inc.

April 26, 2012

Genpact (News - Alert), a provider of business process and technology management, announced that it is using RightAnswers (News - Alert), Inc.’s Unified Knowledge Platform to provide IT services to all clients.

The new platform allows Genpact to offer an IT infrastructure to clients through outsourcing. All clients can access a variety of resourceful features to self-service all IT problems. The Unified Knowledge Platform offers a call center, search engine, automated email response, as well as mobile and search portals to find any answers he may need.

“Genpact has been using the RightAnswers KnowledgePaks(R) in our knowledge management system since 2004. This solution has dramatically increased our client self-service capabilities, enabling us to focus on their more complex needs. We're very happy to take this relationship to next level by moving completely onto the RightAnswers Unified Knowledge Platform,” stated Roger Wahl, Genpact's global business leader for End User Computing in a press release. “RightAnswers vast content coverage on various applications, along with their innovative and effective means to enable the end-users to access self-service portals, provides us with a complete knowledge management solution.”

Not only will the services improve customer relations, but it will make all solutions more efficient. Instead of waiting for an IT guy to fix a simple problem, clients can troubleshoot the issue through a search engine or portal and fix the problem immediately. For more intense programs, the call center offers step-by-step instructions to help fix any issues that arise. It will not only save time, but ease stress in the office as well.

RightAnswers is always looking to improve business relationships. In February the company was named one of the 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management for their wide range of platforms that are available.

Edited by Jennifer Russell

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