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BPA Quality Offers Free Advice on Building Effective RFP's for Call Centers

July 29, 2010

Building proper Request for Proposal processes can help your business improve efficiency and save money. BPA Quality’s Director of Client Strategies, Craig Antonucci offers some free advice in a white paper about how to develop RFP practices that can best help you choose which company’s offerings match your requirements.

The call center industry frequently uses RFP’s, and the benefits of instituting efficient RFP processes will enhance any business’ work productivity. Antonucci notes that “typically, an organization will release a RFP or RFQ (Request for Quote) requesting prospective suppliers to submit their bids for potential business as described in the Request’s scope of work” which should “have a standard set of questions that will be used to compare the prospective vendors .” The company then selects the most appropriate business to partner with based on how best the business fits the company’s needs.  

Used mostly for selecting partners for outsourced work, RFP’s can help your business cut costs and improve service levels if implemented correctly. Antonucci suggests throwing out the “cookie cutter” questions and revitalizing the questions that will best direct your company’s ideals towards a proper partner. Your RFP should also provide plenty of information about your company. For example, if you are in the call center industry, your RFP should list the number of calls, agents, centers, monitors wanted, and number of variables to be tracked.

Additionally, Antonucci notes that your RFP should include information that you must collect from various vendors such as client profiles, services and capabilities, security features, and disaster recovery tactics. Overall, the RFP should strive to obtain as much pertinent information as possible eventually assisting your business in effectively choosing a partner for optimal growth and continuity.

Check out the white paper in full here.

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