BPA Featured Article

Transforming CX from Cost to Profit Center

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC
July 27, 2017

Business, like sports, is being reinvented by data collection and analysis. And for best results organizations in both spheres need to be able to identify the most relevant data quickly and leverage it to create actionable goals and put in place winning tactics.

That’s the word from Alex Bobba, managing director for EMEA, BPA Quality, an international provider of remote call monitoring, contact center personnel, customer satisfaction surveys, quality assurance, social media monitoring, speech analytics and training services.

According to Bobba, this approach can enable businesses to use quality as an agent for change, and transform their customer service efforts from cost centers to profit centers. Key success factors to make that happen include quality teams that are independent and impartial, that deliver highly calibrated outputs, and that can deliver real-time insights. Coaching and engaging employees are also key, he says.

“Quality Team are eyewitnesses to your daily interactions with customers, but it’s how you harness and leverage this insight that provides opportunities for business transformation,” he says.

“When the focus changes from ‘box-ticking’ to ‘business intelligence,’ and the Quality Team’s insight and analysis is sought in order to form the basis of key decisions, which impact the whole business,” he adds, “the benefits are leveraged right across the board: from marketing to recruitment, compliance to customer advocacy, from employee engagement to process improvement, product design and more.”

One way to improve quality at a business is through call quality monitoring and feedback programs. Such efforts can help companies learn more about their customers. Yet with so many channels available today to communicate, some companies are having a hard time maintaining the kind of quality that leads to personalization.

Third-party remote call monitoring solutions providers like BPA Quality can quality check each channel – telephone, email, chat and even social media, to be sure each communication is offering the kind of personalization customers expect. Such solutions can also make sure that businesses are asking the right questions to make the most of the information customers are offering in each transaction.