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IP Telephony Makes Call Recording Feasible and Affordable

By Susan J. Campbell, TMCnet Contributing Editor
December 19, 2006

Call recording and monitoring used to be a practice and technology available only to call centers and large enterprises as traditional communications in a circuit-switched world presented economic obstacles to the full integration. Now, with IP telephony, functionality that was almost impossible to integrate in a TDM environment is easily accessible for nearly every organization.
Many providers are able to bring affordable and easy-to-use call monitoring and recording to IP phone systems. The result is that small and medium-sized businesses can now use call monitoring and recording to improve employee training, speed dispute resolution, meet regulatory guidelines and increase productivity. 
Call centers have for years utilized call recording and monitoring to ensure that agent interactions with customers met with the organization’s standards for customer service. This monitoring has also been proven as an effective way to improve training for employees and keep each one performing at higher levels by providing them with a record of their interactions with customers.
Companies of all sizes are coming to realize the benefit of call recording now that it is within their reach. While it could be viewed by some as another way to micromanage a workforce, call recording instead enables management to keep tabs on the performance of the business and address areas of opportunity or weakness. Most businesses do not have the time to monitor each and every call, but randomly selecting calls for monitoring purposes can help management gauge performance.
Dispute resolution is an area where call recording can play a big part. Call recording a call in which a customer makes a request, places an order or changes an order can provide the company with indisputable evidence in the event the customer disputes a transaction or a change. Call recording can also provide excellent proof that the company is responding to the customer’s demands and can be used to help prevent fraud.
Call recording solutions are now available for IP phone systems that can record calls unobtrusively by copying audio packets from the network using passive packet sniffing technology.
As a result, call-control connection information can be captured to produce a clean and accurate recording of a call without affecting call performance with interference. This type of clean integration enables any organization to use call recording without worrying about degradation to the call.
Every organization should correctly identify its needs before making a selection on a call recording solution. Having a clear understanding of its goals with such integration will lend in the selection process. However, with an IP telephony system already in place, a call recording and monitoring solution can be easily and inexpensively integrated to improve overall company performance.

Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMC and has also written for eastbiz.com. To see more of her articles, please visit Susan J. Campbell’s columnist page.