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HireIQ Chosen by DependableIT to Enhance Its Recruitment and Hiring

By Carolyn J Dawson, TMCnet Contributor
February 19, 2014

HireIQ Solutions, a provider of innovative analytics and virtual talent acquisition software, recently announced that its InterviewIQ virtual interviewing solution has been deployed by DependableIT, an operator of a 15-year-old contact center, to screen technical support professionals. HireIQ’s innovative digital interviewing and predictive analytics applications are designed to help companies make better hiring decisions reduce the critical time-to-fill interval, lower recruiting costs, and increase employee retention and performance. HireIQ Solutions are specialist providers of innovative analytics and virtual talent acquisition solutions.

In a release Lindsey Anslow, customer operations director at DependableIT, said, “Our business is growing rapidly and we have an ongoing need to source well-qualified, technically adept, support professionals. Our goal is to exceed expectations with every customer interaction, whether it’s on the phone, in chat, or in-person. HireIQ has enabled us to effectively screen job applicants through a comprehensive online interview anytime of the day or night. We are able to move more applicants through our process in less time as a result.”

Key features of InterviewIQ include multi-media online interviewing with audio and video applications; seamless on demand interviewing features with multiple assessments to get a complete picture of candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities; and customizable online interview questions. InterviewIQ enables companies to expand their candidate pool, interview more applicants in less time, and hire the best ones quickly. The solution also includes an “always on” feature on the candidate’s profile, which indicates candidates who can complete interviews anytime, anywhere.

Dan Drechsel, chief executive officer, HireIQ, explained, “The highly specialized world of technical support hiring is often characterized by long lead times, which can affect client satisfaction. HireIQ’s innovative virtual interviewing and predictive analytics software applications can be customized to the very specific requirements of these organizations to easily and effectively broaden the pool of qualified candidates and increase their velocity through the hiring process.”

Edited by Blaise McNamee