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Call Recording Proves Excellent in Fraud Prevention

By Susan J. Campbell, TMCnet Contributing Editor
November 10, 2006

Call centers are established to ensure that customers receive the level of service that they expect as well as address any problems or issues the customer may have, or take orders for products or services. Unfortunately, it has happened in certain call centers that an individual or group of individuals have, the past, taken advantage of proprietary information to defraud either the customer or the organization.

While no corporation wants to think that there may be dishonest individuals working in their call centers, the reality is that in order to protect both the company and its customers, proper measures have to be taken.

Call recording is a tool often used in the call center to monitor and track the performance of an agent. It is also used for call center managers to be able to identify areas of coaching and training potential for the agent. Call center recording is also implemented as a measurement tool to gain a better understanding of the customer’s perception of the company and the service that is offered.

The use of call recording enables one individual to listen to someone else’s recordings to ensure that any work relating to the call has been properly completed. It is also a surefire way for companies to resolve disputes. Having a recording of a call during which a customer placed an order or made a change to an order provides the company with irrefutable evidence they can use to settle a dispute.

In addition, the company can use call recording as a security control to prevent fraud and as a quality control measure in order to ensure that agents are following proper procedures. After all, fraud is not always intentional.

Fraud does not just occur within the call center. It can also occur on the side of the customer. An insurance company, for instance, can benefit greatly from call recording. If a customer has a claim, his or her claim number could be flagged. The customer may then have several calls out to him or her to ask for a description of what happened. All the calls to that customer can be recorded to later be retrieved and compared to identify any discrepancies that could lead to an investigation into potential insurance fraud.

With all the benefits that call recording can provide, it is worth the call center manager’s time to investigate and implement. The important thing to remember is to look for a system that offers smooth integration into legacy systems. An innovative system is one that does not cause interference or performance hits so as not to degrade the experience for the customer while realizing the benefits of the call recording system.
Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMC and has also written for eastbiz.com. To see more of her articles, please visit Susan J. Campbell’s columnist page.