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Third-Party Call Monitoring Is Where Smart Call Centers Turn to Ensure Quality

By Tracey E. Schelmetic, TMCnet Contributor
January 15, 2013

Smart organizations today know that their most important asset is their customers. For this reason, the first touch point of the customer – the call center – is critically important, and if a company doesn’t maintain quality there, it can be presumed it doesn’t maintain quality anywhere.

Is this fair? Maybe not, but customers will inevitably draw this conclusion. One poor customer service experience and that customer has likely had his or her perception of the company colored for good. While everyone makes mistakes, errors in customer support can be like a stone tossed into a pond: it will make ever-increasing circles that spread out to affect the whole business.

In a recent blog post, third-party call center monitoring service provider BPA Quality puts it like this: “The call center carries the burden of providing a company’s first impression. Whether that impression is positive or negative can help advance the relationship with the customer or prospect – or end it before it ever really begins.”

Since quality means different things to different people, it’s often helpful to establish a fixed goal for call quality. For many companies, this means engaging the services of an objective, third-party call monitoring service that can quickly catch problems and help call centers understand when they are getting off track. This is particularly important when a company is trying to expand its business and still hasn’t gotten a feel for its new goals.

While it may be cost-prohibitive to hire staff with the expertise to expose key trends, unveil training opportunities, and improve customer loyalty, that’s what third-party call monitoring companies do, writes TMCnet’s Susan Campbell. Essentially, these services take the guesswork out of maintaining call quality, allowing the call center to do what it does best: serve customers in their day-to-day needs. They can improve customer service as well as identify key sales opportunities. This method yields tangible results and a quantifiable return on investment for most call centers.

“Perhaps the most egregious error a growing company can make is to focus on the core operations of the company at the expense of the call center,” writes BPA Quality’s CEO Lisa Renda. “There’s no question that sustaining the company’s most essential functions must continue unabated. A computer manufacturer, for example, has to continually explore ways to make its computers better and faster while reducing costs. But in doing so, many expanding companies put all their resources into these areas and neglect the more mundane interactions that occur in the call center on a daily basis.”

So while you focus on building your business and serving customers to the best of your ability, you can rely that someone knowledgeable is ensuring you’re not forgetting what’s important along the way.

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Edited by Rich Steeves