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BPA 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Helps Create Both Satisfied and Loyal Customers

By Susan J. Campbell, TMCnet Contributing Editor
August 20, 2012

Everyone is looking for customer satisfaction – it’s a key point on which we base our buying decisions. Companies should be consistently asking how they can continue to keep customers interested in the brand and satisfied. Others are looking to keep their satisfied customers loyal. At times, the only way to do that is to keep them excited. Can 3rd party remote call monitoring such as that provided by the BPA help?

Attention to detail, staying on top of the customers’ wants and needs, and caring about their experience with the company will likely keep those satisfied customers loyal, according to this BPA blog. As a result, when they spend their money they’re going back to the brand that has established a positive experience and wowed them into coming back again and again.

BPA, a company that distinguishes itself as a global contact center quality services provider, helps companies achieve the loyalty they need of their customers through excellent customer service. This 3rd party remote call monitoring provider has become a world leader in quality solutions for contact centers because they focus on client goals.

A company is only as good as the agents that communicate with the consumers, a point BPA continues to hit home. A manager can express to an agent what he or she needs from them, but if the agent isn’t able to act on those recommendations, a problem exists. BPA is able to step up and communicate to agents exactly how to convert, satisfy, and improve loyalty as a result of 3rd party remote call monitoring.

Companies are loyal to BPA because they make it easy for their clients, from setting up training to completing analysis on call reports. This provider has the necessary experience with 3rd party remote call monitoring systems such as Verint (News - Alert), Witness, Call Copy, etc., that can record calls and give valuable feedback in how to improve agent performance.

 From benchmarking to social media monitoring to remote call monitoring, BPA has the tools to turn a contact center around and headed in the right direction. To achieve full objectivity, this provider will even offer a “mystery call” service where they’ll test various skills and behaviors of agents.

The experience wouldn’t be complete without the latest technology to help deliver change. BPA uses quality assurance tools that are built or the needs of each individual company. Dynamic charting that is fully interactive helps clients focus and make sense of the data. And, automation is used to email events and flag various problems occurring in the contact center.

The list of tools and services goes on and on as BPA has two decades of experience in bringing change to the contact center by using 3rd party remote call monitoring to measure the current activities taking place and allowing contact centers to make the necessary changes to drive the customer loyalty they want to drive strong returns.

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Edited by Rich Steeves