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Sound Telecom Uses Call Monitoring Metrics to Honor Super Agent

By Rich Steeves, TMCnet Managing Editor
May 31, 2012

This month, as Marvel’s Avengers have ruled the box office, superheroes are on the minds of many Americans. But sometimes people can be super without the ability to summon lightning or the benefit of a super soldier serum. In fact, by using techniques like 3rd party remote call monitoring, companies like Sound Telecom can recognize Super Agents – even when they don’t work for SHIELD.

Each month, Sound Telecom gives out the Super-Agent Award to the call center employee that has the highest quality score. This month, the race was ultra competitive, as the company had four agents with scores that topped 97 percent for the entire month. The winner of the award for April, however, was Phil Visnaw, whose score was a staggering 98.65 percent, though this is not a personal high for Vinsaw, as he has received scores of 100 percent more than once in his eleven years with the company.

Sound Telecom implemented the award several years ago in an effort to improve agent quality scores. Through a combination of monitoring metrics, including 3rd party remote call monitoring, customer feedback surveys and more, the company identifies agents with exemplary customer service skills and recognizes them with this award. In this way Sound has sought to ensure that every call is answered by a professional, friendly and courteous agent.

In 2008, Sound Telecom reorganized its call monitoring department. The purpose of the reorganization was to create a way to monitor calls in a more proactive fashion, keeping track of customer interactions in real time, getting quality ratings and feedback to agents as quickly as possible. The Super-Agent award was a large part of this initiative, which is focused on the three pillars of courtesy, professionalism and friendliness.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli