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IntegriShield Promotes Fair Advertising through New Call Monitoring System

By Braden Becker, Copy Editor
May 25, 2012

Experts in compliance monitoring in Kansas City, Mo. recently developed a system called IntegriShield, designed to examine the numerous portals of ad space online – and in conversations in call centers – to ensure the depiction of a given brand is consistent with advertizing laws and the visions of companies themselves. 

In an era when information is critical and anything is ad space, compliance and call monitoring are the police a business can never have enough of. We’re all about marketing, but misrepresentation is all too easy – especially with call center agents who aren’t always keen to practices in brand preservation that are always more important than the sale itself. IntegriShield’s new service is a testament to this issue.

Created by Greg Gragg, Chairman and CEO at Blue Chair LLC, IntegriShield uncovers and tends to live occurrences of false or inaccurate advertising via the Web or call center communications. So while the software assists corporations by cross-referencing their name with its appearances on the Internet, it monitors the language of call center representatives to ensure the integrity of company is respected.

The system works in tandem with experts and associated developers in markets like education, insurance and financial services.

“We make sure advertisers are held accountable for their practices,” said Jennifer Flood, JD, Managing Director at IntegriShield. “We also provide an invaluable tool for clients by monitoring their brand and alerting them to any place their name appears on the internet and following up to make sure it not only meets their brand standards, but the standards they are required to follow by law."    

IntegriShield specializes in compliance and call monitoring, surveillance and enforcement of the fair practices governing the advertizing space today. The organization is committed to the interests of a company vulnerable to the fallacies possible in the millions of call center interactions that occur every day. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi