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3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring to Drive Improvements in Customer Experience

By Susan J. Campbell, TMCnet Contributing Editor
May 09, 2012

As the economy works to right itself and consumers begin spending again, one element that continues to take the spotlight is the idea of the customer experience. Companies leading this experience in their fields are dominating, while others struggle to capture what’s left of the market. To truly know whether or not your company is delivering on the customer experience expectation, turn to 3rd party remote call monitoring.

A recent Forrester (News - Alert) piece highlighted a few takeaways concerning the customer experience, most notably that 93 percent of respondents participating in a Forrester report claim improving the customer experience is at the top of their strategic priority list.

A full 28 percent claim it is the top priority within their organization.

For those customer experience pros planning to build the customer-centric culture, the primary tools will be education, training and internal communications programs. For real value, they shouldn’t forget 3rd party remote call monitoring.

Forrester also found that while the economy is still recovering and budgets are not yet back to their former glory, the customer experience is still a budget priority. A little more than one-third plan to keep spending the same, while more than 40 percent expect spending on the customer experience to grow. Companies could implement 3rd party remote call monitoring and other elements to gain a better understanding of their current performance.

The focus for 2012 is likely to be more on collection of information, such as through 3rd party remote call monitoring, rather than action. Companies are focused on measuring the customer experience and capturing the voice of the customer. The big concern here is that companies will simply gather the data and then do nothing with it. It’s critical that information be turned into action to deliver any value for the organization.

The big challenge for the coming year will be for enterprises to actually put their intentions into actions. It’s one thing to assume you’ll use the information from 3rd party remote call monitoring to actually make a change; it’s another to implement clear and measurable improvements based on the information captured.

Fortunately, Forrester is planning to continue to study this area, capturing information over the next several months on the best way to establish regular processes for the monitoring and managing of the customer experience. If enough companies get involved with the processes they claim will be important, some great and valuable information should be ready to share.

Now the question remains – have you implemented your own 3rd party remote call monitoring strategy and determined what you will do with the results?

Edited by Braden Becker