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Tips to Inspire Agents Beyond 3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring

By Susan J. Campbell, TMCnet Contributing Editor
March 29, 2012

Your call center agents are the first point of contact for the individuals making a connection with your organization – are they energized and motivated to deliver on your performance expectations? It’s one thing to use 3rd party remote call monitoring to be sure they’re meeting the standard, but what are you doing to drive results?

A recent Call Centre Helper report offers five tips for keeping agents fresh and energized. While the list does include the use of 3rd party remote call monitoring to keep the team pumped for better performance, it is also focused on the development of a culture where agents are encouraged to succeed.

Team Rallies:

No one really likes meetings, so don’t refer to a team gathering as a meeting. Instead, rally your agents to deliver a motivational address right before the peak sets in. Make sure it lasts no longer than five minutes and it should include the acknowledgement and appreciation for the continued commitment from your agents. The goal is to build rapport and get your team excited about the increased workload to avoid stress or discouragement.

Contests with a Theme:

There’s nothing like a little competition to inspire your team members to get excited about their role in the company. Consider pulling some of the best 3rd party remote call monitoring recordings and have the team vote on the best. The agent with the best call wins the prize for the day. You can include other contests as well, but be sure they don’t contribute to a lax in customer care. For instance, don’t try to offer a prize for the person who drives down their time per call by the biggest margin for the day – it won’t end well.

Break Banks:

Even in peak times, your agents may need a break. It can be a challenge to try and justify these breaks on paper, but you need your agents just as pumped and motivated on call 50 that they were on call five. Attach a goal with an extra break, but make it realistic enough for all to reach. Set another, more difficult goal and winning the first will inspire your team to reach even further.

Praise Spontaneously:

If you only give your agents praise once you’ve listened to their 3rd part remote call monitoring recordings, they may lack the proper motivation throughout the day. Make it a point to offer praise when they least expect it, or when they think you’re not listening. Nothing motivates quite like notice for a job well done.

Ergonomic Surroundings:

You’ve read all the latest tips on how to provide your agents with an environment that is safe and healthy, but what about one that is fun to work in? Are all the walls gray, with a sterile feel? Is there good lighting? Do your agents like being in the environment? Add some fun color, provide healthy drinks and snacks and make the center a visually appealing place to work. You do want to be sure creativity doesn’t get in the way of productivity, but find a happy medium.

By following a few simple steps beyond 3rd part remote call monitoring, you’ll be better equipped to empower your agents for greater success. 

Edited by Jennifer Russell