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3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring and How BPABuilder Benchmarking Helps Call Centers' Stand Out from the Competition

November 02, 2011

To be considered a best-in-class call center operation, many organizations often rely on 3rd party remote call monitoring. When using 3rd remote call monitoring, call center managers and corporate management alike can get a great understanding of what is transpiring inside the operation, due to the fact that monitoring solutions act as the “face to the customer,” without having to spend the resources on personnel or technology implementations, upgrades, etc. to keep themselves current on the interactions between their agents and their customers.

Companies that are really serious about being best in class treat 3rd party remote monitoring as one component in a coordinated system of quality control tools. For example, in addition to 3rd party remote monitoring, an organization would also be using a call center solution for coaching as well as reporting. Another component that would make this suite complete is having knowledge of where a call center operation stands in comparison to other call centers.

BPA, which offers a suite of call center solutions that include 3rd party remote monitoring, reporting and coaching, also offers what it calls BPABuilder Benchmarking. The company says that what this solution does is provide “a global picture” of where a call center stands in comparison to the “whole” call center industry. With this, it says a call center will understand what it needs to do to be best in class.

BPABuilder Benchmarking is not a one-shot deal, but rather consists of monthly reports that BPA produces, which show a comparison of the quality interactions that transpire in call centers throughout the world as well as an analysis that is designed to demonstrate to the client how to reach its potential as a world class call center. BPA calls this its Competitive Review.

A Competitive Review can use the information gleaned in the reports as a tool for the call center’s leaders and stakeholders to make changes, such as refocusing coaching efforts.

Furthermore, the company says BPABuilder Benchmarking can be customized and combined with its online BPABuilder quality applications to incorporate various measurements and feedback that can lead upper management to understand what areas in the call center’s customer interaction practices are prohibiting it from achieving best in class status. At that point, BPA says if call center management is willing to make the changes, it can build a program to help achieve the call center’s individual goals.           

Linda Dobel is a TMCnet Contributor. She has been an editor in the contact center space for more than 25 years, and has the distinction of being the founding editor of Customer Inter@ction Solutions (CIS) magazine. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Jamie Epstein