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3rd Party Remote Call Monitoring Enhanced with Calibration Tool

By Susan J. Campbell, TMCnet Contributing Editor
October 18, 2011

Quality is a term used often in the call center space, mainly pertaining to the service delivered to the customer. Without a clear description of quality, however, it can easily refer to poor levels of customer service delivery instead of optimized interactions that drive positive results. How do you ensure the latter instead of the former – by implementing 3rd party remote call monitoring

BPA offers extensive 3rd party remote call monitoring solutions that focus on that high quality that drives measurable results. The company’s Quality Program is a powerful approach to consistency across all interaction points. BPA also offers a targeted focus on calibration that allows the call center to utilize a tool that will ensure everyone is on the same page and applies the Quality Program in the same way. 

The BPABuilder.Calibration is included as part of the BPABuilder Program, offered as a standard and integral element to ensure your supervisors, managers and quality team members are following the same strategy for quality results. The BPABuilder.Calibration ensures your organization remains calibrated, while also making your calibration sessions more efficient and effective to derive optimal value from your 3rd party remote call monitoring solution. 

With the BPABuilder.Calibration tool in place, the calibration administration can distribute a blank form and 3rd party remote call monitoring to all calibration participants. Each participant gains access to a blank audit form and can only see their form and the call in which they are to calibrate. 

Once each party has completed their 3rd party remote call monitoring calibration record, the calibration administrator can lock the calibration to allow everyone to see the results. This approach produces an efficient and compact set of reports that allows the calibration administrator to determine where the team is calibrated and where help is needed. 

This visibility is provided in the resulting report as it seamlessly highlights which participants struggled in certain parts of the process, highlighting where problem areas may exist. With this information, each participant is provided with a calibration factor score based on how many elements they got right in the process.

 Each standard or question is provided with a calibration factor score, which is based on the number of participants who got the question or standard right. Using this information, the calibration administrator can focus on the problem areas to create an efficient and effective 3rd party remote call monitoring calibration session. 

The only way to truly improve quality within the call center is to measure actual performance with 3rd party remote call monitoring. BPA offers powerful tools to help in the process, allowing you to capture real-time performance and score according to your pre-set standards so you can make adjustments where necessary.
Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMCnet and has also written for eastbiz.com. To read more of Susan’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Jamie Epstein