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BPABuilder.Mystery Calling Provides Unique Perspective Contact Center Activities

By Linda Dobel, TMCnet Contributor
May 17, 2011

Quality monitoring has long been the cornerstone of well-run contact centers and the provision of top-flight customer service. Contact centers that have had the greatest success and benefit from quality monitoring recognize that the goal is never to “catch” agents doing something “wrong,” but rather to provide them constructive, objective feedback information that will ultimately enable them to provide callers with an outstanding customer experience.


A company that has been helping contact center managers address and overcome the challenge of moving the barometer of performance from poor or average to outstanding for more than 20 years is BPA International, which developed the BPABuilder™ concept to deliver clients the tools needed to build, repair, and maintain a quality customer service experience.


The core component of its BPABuilder concept is BPABuilder.Remote Call Monitoring™ Service, which utilizes the BPABuilder™ database to provide accurate and actionable feedback to agents and supervisors as well as reporting. The process begins by sampling recorded or live calls and measuring the customer interaction based on either the client’s standards or standards developed by BPA’s team of unbiased experts. These observations are produced as actionable scoring and feedback to agents and supervisors. This feedback can then be used to impact the performance of the agents on the frontline of the contact center.


To gain even more in-depth knowledge of the quality of contact center interactions, BPA International has added a complementary component to its Remote Call Monitoring called BPABuilder.Mystery Calling™. The purpose of BPABuilder.Mystery Calling™ is to target specific contact center agent skills and behaviors, and thereby provide a unique and different perspective on contact center activities. 


Here’s how it works:


BPA analysts pose as a client’s customers and evoke situations that require specific responses from the client’s agents. In doing so, the client is getting a good read on how well its agents have, for instance, absorbed new training or how much product knowledge they are able to impart. Clients may also want to use BPA Mystery Calling™ to test the raw sales skills of their sales agents or identify if their agents are following proper security procedures, among a vast number of additional scenarios. In each of these situations, all of the results are integrated with the BPABuilder.Online™, BPABuilder.Reporting™, and BPABuilder.Coaching™ modules via the BPABuilder philosophy.


The BPA philosophy is built in large part on the Hawthorne Effect which has proven that, in general – we will perform at a higher level if we think someone is keeping track. BPA concludes that this same philosophy applies to the monitoring of call center agents…it is scientifically proven that they will perform at a higher level if they know you are listening to them. On the other hand, the implementation of an objective and clear monitoring program, such as Mystery Calling, can and will have a quantifiable impact on a company’s customer experience and, just as important, can and will provide a measurement and reinforcement of the activities that drive a contact center.


In other news, TMCnet revealed BPA’s Social Media Monitoring tool.


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Linda Dobel is a TMCnet Contributor. She has been an editor in the contact center space for more than 25 years, and has the distinction of being the founding editor of Customer Inter@ction Solutions (CIS) magazine. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by John Lahtinen