Liberty Networks and Gold Data to Develop New Subsea Cable System

By Greg Tavarez January 05, 2024

Across Latin America countries along the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, we see the likes of cityscapes and remote villages. Each of these locations offer something different. For example, Cancun has its bustling beaches, while Veracruz has a certain historical charm to it. They do have a common denominator, though:

It's the demand for seamless connectivity capabilities.

So, in a move poised to impact internet speeds and reliability across Latin America and the Caribbean, Liberty Networks and Gold Data announced a partnership to combine their subsea cable systems, GD-1 and LN-1. This collaboration will create a robust, high-capacity network, enhancing regional connectivity and paving the way for digital growth.

Liberty Networks, a subsidiary of Liberty Latin America, boasts a vast fiber optic network spanning nearly 50,000 kilometers and connecting approximately 40 countries. Gold Data, meanwhile, has established itself as a key player in telecommunications infrastructure throughout the region. By unifying their expertise and resources, the two companies aim to address the growing demand for digital bandwidth and strengthen the region's digital backbone.

The combined subsea system, dubbed Liberty GoldNet, will be comprised of two segments.

First is GD-1. This northern segment, jointly owned and operated by both companies, will offer two diverse routes with the shortest latency between Mexico and the U.S. It will also significantly enhance connectivity between data hubs in Mexico City, Queretaro and the U.S., facilitating improved data transfer and communication.

“Combined with our terrestrial investment in Mexico and offering the lowest latency route, we are setting a new standard for connectivity between Mexico and the U.S.,” said Renato A. Tradardi, Gold Data’s CEO.

The second segment is LN-1. Liberty Networks will take full ownership of this southern segment, further expanding network capacity and diversity throughout the Caribbean.

Liberty GoldNet's impact is expected to be multifaceted and extend beyond enhanced internet speeds and improved data transfer capabilities. The increased bandwidth will foster the development of cloud-based services, drive innovation in sectors like fintech and e-commerce and open doors for broader adoption of emerging technologies like AI and VR. Additionally, the project is expected to generate employment opportunities throughout the construction and operational phases.

“The combination of GD-1 and LN-1 will deliver a subsea cable system with unparalleled capabilities,” said Ray Collins, Liberty Latin America's Senior Vice President of Infrastructure and Corporate Strategy. “The new system will seamlessly integrate into our existing subsea meshed platform, adding new routes and materially expanding our capacity. The LN-1 system can be further expanded to complement our capacity and diversity throughout the Caribbean.”

Construction of Liberty GoldNet is slated to begin in 2024, with completion anticipated by the second half of 2026. The project represents a significant investment in the future of digital infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean, setting the stage for further regional economic growth and social development.

Edited by Alex Passett
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