BroadSource and Ribbon Streamline PCI Compliance, Bolstering Credit Card Data Security for Businesses

By Greg Tavarez December 28, 2023

Protecting sensitive customer data, particularly sensitive financial information like credit card details, is paramount for businesses of all sizes. Stringent industry regulations like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, PCI (News - Alert)-DSS, for example, make certain of secure handling of this data, but compliance can be a complex challenge for many organizations.

Just some background: The PCI-DSS is a set of comprehensive security requirements developed by the major credit card brands to safeguard cardholder data throughout the payment processing chain. While these standards are crucial for protecting consumers, adhering to them can be a cumbersome and expensive process, especially for smaller merchants with limited resources. Traditional on-premise systems for PCI compliance often involve costly hardware, software and specialized expertise, creating a significant barrier to entry.

Global solutions provider BroadSource and Ribbon Communications aim to overcome this hurdle with a new partnership.

BroadSource's SecureCall payment solution, already known for its secure phone payment capabilities, now integrates with Ribbon's Session Border Controller SWe, a cloud-native platform for real-time communication security. This combination delivers a streamlined and cost-effective approach to PCI compliance, which makes it accessible and manageable for businesses of any size.

The cloud-based platform eliminates the need for complex hardware and software installations, allowing for quick and easy deployment. BroadSource's expertise in managing the solution takes the burden of ongoing maintenance and updates off customers. This will help ensure compliance with the latest PCI-DSS requirements. The cloud-based model also eliminates upfront capital investment and scales to accommodate changing business needs, making it ideal for small and large enterprises.

Ribbon's SBC SWe provides advanced security features like data encryption, call recording and fraud detection. With these features, sensitive information is safeguarded throughout the payment process. Additionally, SecureCall's intuitive interface and seamless integration with existing call center platforms ensure a smooth and secure payment experience for customers, fostering trust and brand loyalty.

"Ribbon's global leadership and extensive SBC installed base gave us the necessary confidence to include them as a critical part of our solution," said Haydn Faltyn, CEO and co-founder, BroadSource."We will work together as customers around the world upgrade their systems to become PCI-DSS 4.0 compliant from March 2024, allowing them to secure their customers' card payments made over the phone in both call center and non-call center environments".

As Faltyn mentioned, the partnership comes at a crucial time as the PCI-DSS is undergoing revisions with version 4.0 set to take effect in March 2024. These revisions introduce new requirements, such as multi-factor authentication and stronger encryption standards, further intensifying the need for efficient and robust compliance solutions.

By making PCI compliance easier and more affordable, BroadSource and Ribbon's partnership allows businesses to prioritize protecting sensitive customer data while streamlining their operations.

"We're proud of our ability to help our customers ensure the security of business-critical communications and meet industry and government-led security mandates around the world," said Manny Christophidis, Enterprise and Channel Director, Asia Pacific, Ribbon Communications (News - Alert). "We will support BroadSource's innovation and dedication to customer success well into the future."

Edited by Alex Passett
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