TNS Introduces AI Labs: Tech Solutions for Carrier and Enterprise Sectors

By Stefania Viscusi November 21, 2023

Transaction Network Services (TNS (News - Alert)) has officially introduced AI Labs, an initiative aimed at empowering TNS' carrier and enterprise clientele to harness the extensive capabilities of advanced artificial intelligence technologies. The primary goals of this initiative include reinstating trust in communications, enhancing the analysis of call traffic activity through voice biometrics, and safeguarding consumers against the escalating threat of malicious AI voice robocalls.

The newly established AI Labs team will operate globally, with a strong presence in the United States and India. It will explore the potential applications of AI in the telecommunications industry and its initial focus will revolve around generative, predictive, and discriminative AI applications.

“Hundreds of global carriers and enterprises rely on TNS for innovative, proven technologies that drive better business outcomes, provide a compelling subscriber experience, and help protect consumers,” said TNS Communications Market Chief Data Officer, Greg Bohl, who will lead AI Labs. “AI is evolving at such a fast pace; our goal is to create a platform for innovation where our customers not only benefit from artificial intelligence but serve as a true partner in researching and building applications for near- and long-term impact.”

The team will also include Dr. Ananth Iyer, TNS Communications Market Senior Director, who will lead global AI operations, and Dr. Sanjay Saini, Director of AI Research, who will oversee operations in India. 

“And as advanced robocall scams proliferate," Bohl continued, "there is a critical need across the telecom ecosystem for research and development that keeps our industry a step ahead of bad actors. We believe AI Labs will play a leading role in broader efforts to integrate AI into ongoing and future robocall prevention measures such as STIR/SHAKEN, advanced call analytics, and other rigorous enforcement measures in order to protect consumers."

The company said it will be AI Labs organizing a series of demo days, as an opportunity for crucial TNS carrier and enterprise clients, policymakers, regulators, and various industry stakeholders to visit. Then, they can gain firsthand insights and experiences as they observe the development of AI applications within the labs.

These applications will include AI-powered voice biometrics that can differentiate between legitimate calls and robocalls based on real-time voice analysis. As a call screener, it assesses callers' voices, tones, and diction to identify potential bad actors. It will also explore the implementation of predictive AI-powered call analytics, aiming to enhance TNS' Call Guardian platform by leveraging predictive algorithms to understand and combat robocall patterns across the vast volume of daily call events. It will also employ AI models for SMS detection, aiming to prevent machine-generated text messages from reaching recipients and addressing the current challenges in consumer messaging services, ultimately integrating these features into its spam detection products.

Edited by Alex Passett
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